i live in scotland i want to grow outside

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by jollylittletoke, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. i want to grow outside i live in scotland im hoping to plant one in th esummer but dont know if theres any point if there is could you tell how to grow it please
  2. there some guides in vato loco sticky in begginer forum... but im not sure if u can grow plant outdoor in scotland, and get fully rippen buds by first frost hits, or i can be wrong...latez...
  3. Ok mate , this has been done by your brother in wales here.

    You need a golf course nearby and where theboundaries are with scrun behind ( facing west ) plant at the edge with a tree in front to obscure it..plant a mould resistant sativa in about 1 may..feed once a week with miracle grow and the use pk bud booster ( www.growell ) for days 35-44 and the flower feed and about end september flush it for a week or rainwater...whatevers easiest..and chop it...will produce about 6-8 oz if done well and looked after...slugs luv em !!!
    if u do do it plant it in a big hole of tody soil too..john innes no 2 and perlite mix..
  4. nice one, i'll need to try that with my first outdoor grow, didn't think it would go too well, as the weather here can be so unpredictable........but last year the summer was great and i know that an MJ plant would have made it...........golf course eh?.......did you not get noticed too much?..........i was thinking of an old disused railway line, on the banks at the side..........but i think i'll use 3 locations.......need to find a 3rd.........Peace out...........Sid
  5. yeh good idea about 3 locations...must be near a water supply though sid...and check out pukka seeds as they sell very mould resisitant plants which look really good and are ready on sept 1st...very early !! dont 4 get about the slugs they lurve ganja..( clever bastards ! ) loads of slug pellets around base in a circle....a dog is a great help for walks in the country...hehe...lol ( that explains the golf course ! )
  6. Also you might want to go on the side of caution, and start them off in pots indoors under fluoros in Mar/Apr to plant outdoors in May, then you can be almost assured that the last frosts have gone. You would also benefit from the loving care and attention needed in the early stages..
    good luck..

    PS..alot warmer down here in the SW! lol..

  7. don't rub it in......lol......Peace out........Sid
  8. cali... home off sunny warm temp.... gotta luv growing in cali..lol...

  9. your rubbing it in as well......lol.......damn i'd love to grow in a climate like that.........Peace out........Sid
  10. thanks everyone im deffinetly going to grow now but can anybody give me any seeds that can be cultivated fast as scotlands whether is shitty as im sure you all know
  11. try going for LowRyder AutoFlowering as you don't need to worry about the waiting for the darker nights for flowering. i'm away to try it myself this year, i'm going to start them off under a 115W CFL in bio-bizz (light-mix) then grow them till at least 4-5" tall then put them outside as soon as minimum night temp hits around 14-15 degrees C. they will be planted in a final pot size of around 4ltr's, then if successfull will try conditioning the soil with Fish-Mix and plant straight into the ground.

    will let you all know how this goes with pics n shit, and if successfull will be planting loads throughout summer.

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