I live in Ohio and currently getting alot of sun....

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    should I try to grow weed?

    how hard is it, really, all my buddies say its impossible, but personally i belive that if i save a ton of seeds and water it every day i can do it?

    What do you think?


    P.S. I'm new to this so don't rip or dis, give me advice instead.
  2. in door grow or outdoor grow, and you want to grow something good not ditchweed! go with feminised seeds from a seed bank. then you no there fem..:)

    this year i am trying ak outdoors
  3. nope its not impossible. if it was there wouldnt be as many people on here with grow logs. it needs sun, good soil water and some fertilizers wouldnt hurt either. keeping your mouth shut and people away from your grow is harder than actually growing. look around on here. ive been on here for quite some time and i read more and more information on here everyday. ive been on here atleast a year and just when i think i know everything about growing outside, i learn something new. the answer to your question lies within you. if you want to dedicate some time into growing go for it. if you dont, pass on it. if you really want to know how, read, use the search function. peace
  4. by the way its too late to start outside wait till next year. start your "clones" not fem seeds cuz they may hermie on you inside for a couple months then transplant them outside. ill give you this link and you learn loads. if the link doesnt work just go to google videos and type in "stoned free guide to growing cannabis" http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-259262713655286519
  5. As greenmeany says, far too late for this year outdoors. Save your seeds for an early start in the spring, meantime read up on growing.

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