I live in my treehouse now.

Discussion in 'General' started by New Car Smell!, Feb 15, 2009.

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    You cannot call me a troll. I'm too good for that nonsense. You're all just jealous of my tree-house!

    By the way, I've left clues to who I really am all over this thread! :D

    Who wants to come play in the ball pit with me and Toucan Sammy? Also, we made a easter egg hunt around the house, except all the eggs are as big as your head and filled with huge nugs!

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  2. Court Jester?

  3. they couldnt have THE best name

    because POODOG ALREADY HAS IT yeaaauhhhhh
  4. Is 313 your Area Code or was PooDog already taken?
  5. I certainly hope there are not 312 other PooDogs! :eek:
  6. lol naw im not in the 313

    I just thought it was a cool number
  7. D12 would murder you for that.
  8. They aint got shit on me son....ill make them eat a fat stanky poodog
  9. I'm dedicating a nug to you my friend. Another Mr. T nug.

  10. must be some dank dookie

  11. woahh
  12. hows that shit taste son??

    i bet you it taste just like it smells.....


    ok im done now,,,,thank you what a terrific audience.
  13. the size comparison and sketch are mad funny!
  14. Who is this crazy mofo?

  15. i think the OP is ForceFeed coming back for more.

  16. I agree. I bought a bottle of new car smell off ebay for $15 and spray it on me and the girls love it.
  17. Jake I thought I told you not to post meaningless crap on this forum.
    Just come here to chill, man!
  18. ^^ is that a cup of jenkem in your sig?? I bet itll go good with a poodog.
  19. Okay. So the ball pit is finally complete!! And I also got to work on the waterslide. The grow room in the tree-house in a cannabis tree is complete! How ironic
  20. SmokinGirly is going to be here in a little while to dance on my stripper-pole. Who's coming?
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