I live in my treehouse now.

Discussion in 'General' started by New Car Smell!, Feb 15, 2009.

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  1. Oh my goodness! This is quite honestly the best idea yet! I've sent Toucan Sammy Sosa and a few of the trimming birds off on an adventure to steal some from a local "Chucky Cheese" Franchise. I cannot wait until my ball pit is complete! I think I'll put the stripper pole in the middle of it on a platform so we can all party and get stoned in the ball pit while SmokinGirly dances at the celebration!

  2. There are plenty of us who enjoy it, so if you dont, you dont have to be here.
  3. Ball pit around a stripper pole? BEST IDEA EVER!
  4. I'm sorry. It appears you do not possess the mental capacity to read through all of the words formed into and groups and bundles us intellectuals call sentences and paragraphs. It's a shame you'll be missing out on such a unique and inspiring thread which depicts the tree-house of glory which I am proud to call my home.

  5. Haha hell yeah.:smoke:
  6. how do you get up in the 55 foot tree?
    and can i com? well make a 55 foot bong:hello: to smoke those MR t buds with
  7. Toucan Sammy Sosa and the trimming birds carry me from branch to branch. I never really leave the tree anymore. They go and fetch me the things I need. I have a stash of firecrackers that will last me about 5 months here that I eat. Took me half of last years harvest off this tree worth of bud to make them.

    The bong sounds like a great idea too! The mouthpiece will be in the middle of the ball pit next to the stripper pole!

    I'll work on equipping Toucan Sammy with a torch helmet so he can fly down and light bowls for us!
  8. lol you need a giant water slide going down into the moat
  9. Oh my goodness! This is a great idea as well! But not into the moat, cause then you cant get back to the tree-fort! The moat keeps people out. It's 10 feet from the top of the water to the top of the moat wall! We'll build a pool down on the ground instead!
  10. Now someone who can draw should make a picture of this treehouse.
  11. I'm way ahead of you guys with ideas. I'm hooking up surround sound and an 80 inch projection screen like the movies man! My old buddies at Nintendo are doing me a complete remake of the original Nintendo Entertainment System (aka - NES) with HD capability. Its going to be off the hook! I'm going to be playing some HD Super Mario Brothers 3 with Toucan Sammy I simply cannot wait!

    Oh, by the way, there's some bad news. A whore Toucan Sammy fucked from Tennessee (Different whore than the aforementioned Patricia Parrot) is pregnant with triplets and its his. 3x the child support every month. I told Toucan Sammy that I would give him the money to pay for some of it each month, but he refused. He's depressed and lonely right now, smoking himself into oblivion. I feel sad, but at the same time, he fucks some skeevy cheep cheeps (thats what Toucan Sammy calls his bird bitches) He needs to learn his motherfucking lesson.


    Sorry I don't like to curse. I'll punish myself with a 2 gram bowl in one snap. Off to the bong!
  12. I can't even comprehend what's happening right now but I think I'm in love
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    I know, it's okay. I often get that reaction when I tell people about the beautiful tree-house. Well, some people asked for pictures, one asked for a drawing. I sent Toucan Sammy to fetch some markers and paper, and he got to drawing what some of the main room looks like! Sammy is one hell of an artist let me tell you. For a Toucan, he is truly a skilled individual.


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  14. rofl ball pit
  15. The ball pit in the new picture Toucan Sammy Sosa drew is obviously edited in, but I promise we are starting construction tomorrow. They already got all the balls from Chucky Cheese!
  16. Ah, Toucan Sammy has left me another drawing of the fort, before I go pass out from smoking too much fine tree-fort cannabis. It also shows the coming soon slide and pool!

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  17. do you beat off in your tree house?
  18. Do you beat off in my tree house?
  19. Yes, why I beat off in your ball pit too.
  20. if i could find it i would probably leave my mark somewhere in it
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