I live in my treehouse now.

Discussion in 'General' started by New Car Smell!, Feb 15, 2009.

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    Now why would you want to keep me in a cage! That's not a nice way to treat your new friend here at Grasscity! I presume you want to try and keep me away from my tree-house in this said cage. That is awfully mean.

    Toucan Sammy brought me another Mr. T nugget. He is a lot stronger than I had at first thought. This nugget weighs near 9 pounds! What a magnificent little flying creature. He says hello to all you people out there. I personally think he gets his mighty strength from stealing so much of my vaporizer smoke but who knows.

    You ground walkers must be so angry. I'll be sure to have a real nice peace pipe smoking celebration in my tree-house when I deem it appropriate.

    And in essence you too are "epic" wackdeafboy for taking part in such a magnificent celebration of my new tree-house life. You shall be the first one to hit the peace pipe my friend. This Mr. T nug is named after you.

  2. How do I tell what my eyes look like if im too lazy to go to the B room?

  3. yea. do this.
  4. Hahahahahahahaahahaha

  5. haha gotta throw in some rep for this. makes me laugh in the same way that guy who said he found an arm in a cooler did.

  6. You feel? :smoking:

    Damn yo like get your cell out and take apic of your face?
  7. wait, so you're living in a weed plant cause u built a tree house on it and added electricity and water. Then you're gonna build a growin room? Dude...i love you....

  8. Neither have I! I will soon enough though, do it too. DO both actually.
  9. Also, I have noticed NOBODY has any ideas for my tree-house! I know, you're all caught up in the craziness. Is it real, is it not, is he a "troll" whatever this may be. But ask yourself not that, but ask yourself what would life be like inside said tree-house. Imagine yourself in the tree-house, smoking the very weed that came from the support of your home and life. Then, you shall realize the tree and the house it is host to, are real my friend.
  10. I didnt mean to past that here, but you have convinced me.
  11. If his house caught on fire the firemen would get there and forgot why they came.
  12. Hey OP, I know what you should do

    Take a picture of it.
  13. How about a big bong jacuzzi? and a marijuana leaf hammock couldn't hurt either.
  14. A Marijuammock?
  15. Does this tree house grow buds or is it in vegetative mode?
  16. Lmao.

    The side branches may ruin his floor boards.
  17. Dude, I want the weed your smoking.
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