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i live in massachusetts and need help going about getting a card

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by SmokeyBonez420, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. i live in mass and havent been to a doctor since i was 15. i have always just self medicated since i was 13. i have alot of issues that i have never got checked out because i hate doctor offices and hospitals. i have asthma i just never took care of it. my jaw pops everytime i eat. it cause me not to eat as much as i should cause it hurts to chew. i do construction and im 6'6 160 lbs my back always is tight and sore. pain gets bad to the point were i cant work for a week or more. i self medicated to take pain away. i sleep between 3-5 hours a night. its 530 am right now and ive been up since 214 am. i went to bed at 1030 ish. im not sure how to go about gettin a card in mass. how to find a doctor to get a referal to see the cannabis doctor. i was wondering if anyone could help me by explaining how tey got theres what u have to do. i wish now that i had gone to the doctors before but i never thought mass would legalize. so i just self medicated and diagnosed myself instead of having a doctor give me prescription pills. well thanks and hopefully someone can help me. besides saying im a moron for not going to the doctors. i kno that already. :)

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  2. I'm also from mass and have not gotten a card yet, and don't really now how to go about doing so.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  3. I too live in Massachusetts. A card won't help much since there are yet to be any dispensaries to open up. I would suggest waiting until they have dispensaries and what not sorted out.
  4. There is a.place in frammingham u dont qualify you dont pay. U need medical records. And for now it is a.letter and a card will be mailed when available. I got mine. And it also allows you to grow till a dispensery actually opens
  5. thanks ya i gutta find a doctor ti get records first then go to framingham. does ur doctor have to write you a referal or do u just need records.

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  6. also im glad there r no dospensaries id rather grow. so no dispensaries is awesome. everyone gets a hardship license.

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    Cannamed.of framingham is the plave , and the woman befire me.got.denied for.lack of.records. So its a must to chave, and its self reffering so u gather and.bring.your records
    Forgive spelling its 7am and a snowday and the whole house is up already #facepalm
  8. yeah i wish i went to doctors alot but i just self medicated. ive go to the dentist alot lol but not doctors. doctors suck i called to make an apt they told me they have a 6 month waiting list. like what the fuck. how ridicoulous is that. they said if im sick i can come during 8-10.

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  9. That sucks canamed had a long waitlist too I hear I called 1st of year and had a month bet its longer now, I knew it wld legalize eventuslly so my back and knee pain history dates to 4 years ago, also u can call around mabe another doctor has shorter wait, and if your symptoms are bad enough its your right to see a dr sooner ;-)
  10. im hoping that they will realize that i am in constent pain from working construction my whole life. i never went cause ive already had my addiction to pills and i knew thats all they would offer me. so i just used marijuana on my own. so we will see what happens.

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  11. yeah im going to i have a snow day we got like 10 or so inches so im not working im gunna dedicate the day to finding a dr. i appreciate the help.

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  12. If.i may ask what part of mass ? Im worcester
  13. just moved to south coast.

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  14. Just got a call a few days ago, I have an appointment in Malden at some place called delta 9

    I got wait listed at marijuanadoctors.com

    6 inches of snow and no power

  15. Ive never.heard of them let us know how it goes. Gl man
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    First up, have you ever considered a change in lifestyle?

    One if the best things for your body is a good nights sleep. It seems to me mmj might not be your be all end all cure. I'm sure it can help and make your day a but more pain free but the solution here isn't a card.

    Yes you should get one, and sadly I have no info but that office in Framingham that has popped up in some threads, but you solution comprising of more than a card.

    Just trying to help! Best of luck and hope one day soon you find a daily regime that works

    Edit: I'd suggest some yoga or muscular stretching for your back, Epsom salt baths in addition to medicating. Look into some daily methods for strengthening your back( lower or upper). For a good nights sleep look into some sleepy time tea or the likes. Get a schedule of "winding down". That's been one of my huge things over the past decade and everyone's is different. For a long time I struggle with incredible insomnia but now For example generally i sit down around 7 and watch a movie or play some video games. Around 9 ill lay down in bed and throw on a movie I watch all the time and don't have to pay attention to so there's some background noise generally a comedy. And I'll usually fall asleep around 10:30. Ill wake up around 7 and try to have as progressive as a day as possible so I can start to wind down again at 7.

    It took a while but that was the first major step I seriously felt in feeling better.
  17. lol ya i have tried many different things to get a goodnight sleep. nothing works but pain killers. i take 10 mg melatonen and get 4 hours sleep. whenever i smoke i sleep great and im not tossing n turning in pain. but i get drug tested so im not able to smoke like i would like to. even if i go out drinking and get drunk im up in 3-5 hrs. i have tried everything. i have sleep problems. but we will see what th dr says when i go

    Smokeybonez typically lies and is never talking about himself when he uses "i"
  18. Hey, watch out with the melatonin. You are taking too much. Do your research!
  19. My doctor refused to release my medical records so I had to reschedule

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