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I live in Denver CO, how much can i get for 40 bucks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rocwiler0, May 18, 2010.

  1. i never usually buy more than a dub sack but now school is out and i wanna smoke more often.:smoking:

    How much do you think i should get for 40 bucks from a dealer?
  2. Ask your local dealer man...
    Maybe like an 1/8th
  3. An eight man.
  4. this

    I get 8th's for 40...make sure you get AT LEAST 2.5g...anything less is a ripoff
  5. i live in denver to you can get 1/8th of some dank
  6. : |
    I get eighths for $20 and quarters for $35(not trying to gloat at either).
    I've never heard prices that high.

  7. Anything less than 3.54g in an eighth is a ripoff, actually. Given that an eighth refers to an eighth of an ounce.

  8. im not mathmatician but isnt an eight 3.5 grams? a 2.5 gram eighth sounds like a total rip off
  9. You should be able to get an 1/8th, here in canada I get my weed for $10/gram no matter how dank or how much but the more bud I pickup at a time the more money I save, ex. one of my dealers will sell me 1/4th of some nice kush for $60, where as my other dealer would charge $70 for some nice high quality beasters or low quality fire. It just depends who you get it off. But deffiently dont get less than 2.5gs for 440, try an 1/8th.
  10. I get
    25$ 1/8
    50$ 1/4

    pretty dank bud, not the best, but probably the best in my location.

  11. Nah I know. I mean depending on his dealer's prices he should get atleast 2.5g for $40....Completely unrelated from the 8th
  12. How can some of you just give him a weight? noob status

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