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I literally am smoking like a homeless person

Discussion in 'General' started by dank slap, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. No weed, just resin from my pipe
    No lighter, just matches cause I lost mine.

    fuck these days always so brutal
  2. You can always take a one month t break, gives you time to stack up on money and have your tolerance super low.
  3. Yeah I been wanting to take one but it's just never a good time hahahah..


  4. so true. never a good time to stop smoking weed.

    but op sorry to hear your troubles, if it makes you feel any better im home from college at my moms, sneaking around taking one hitters that do not get the job done. I bet your higher than me
  5. I had some herbals left from when I made butter two days ago.I put it into some water amd microwaved it.Then dried it and repeated.I got out all the oily stuff I could.

    I load a bowl and holy hell does this taste like ass.It now produces a creeper like high and I cant even smoke it because it tastes so bad.

    I should have just saved it to smoke.I need some papers or a blunt stick or wrap to smoke this in.Sucks not having a steady supply of herbals.
  6. Out of curiosity why would you even do that?

    At that point more than a majority of the THC and CBD are removed if made correctly. To dry and smoke that is...well, its pretty gross. But hey, its your lungs.

    As for the OP, hows using matches for rez going for ya? I feel like youd be burning your fingers frequently haha

  7. If smoking resin with matches isn't a good time for a T-break, I don't know what is.

  8. Lipid pneumonia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Please don't smoke buds that were mixed in oil. idk why you think the water would have separated the oil from the buds. Oil is barely soluble in water. Heat doesn't help with that all that much.
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    I was being an addict my man.Yeah it is nasty Im not smoking untill I get more herbals.

    I know oil isnt soluble in water.I was just being a dumbass and wanted to smoke.Im tossing the stuff to the birds.It still produced a buzz of sorts but this shit is deadly.
  10. Just take a break.

    Why do you need to smoke?

  11. Nothing personal buddy...but seems like you've got bigger issues than not having weed and a lighter. Not having weed sucks we all know this all too well....but what you're describing sounds like a crackhead who is out of crack...

    Keep it green

  12. hahaha it did get me slightly high and i'll probably go out there and try again in a bit ... :C

  13. lmfao

    you're funny
  14. y'all are tripppppping it's not even a big deal ....
  15. I'm one of the few people I know who'd rather be sober than smoke resin...fucking nasty
  16. Big deal you are a fiend, It's like I never smoked resin but that's because I was a kid barely a teen and of course no income means no high.. But I've upgraded my connections and well being, if I had to smoke resin I wouldn't want to smoke at all just makes you feel like a crackhead, I'm in Cali there is to many pounds sitting around for me to smoke resin get off your ass and do something

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  17. alright dr. phil shittttttttttttttt

    im a crackhead fiending ass lazy ass motherfucker who needs to get off my ass and do something

    like smoke resin
  18. I'm speaking on some real, Dr phill? I'm nowhere near If I could I will slap the shit out of you maybe you'll gain some sense. you know what fu.
    go ahead and buy your little eights and smoke resin.

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  19. Slap meee c:
  20. dank slap you cant get any free buds?

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