I like Waffles

Discussion in 'General' started by burnttwaffle, Aug 28, 2008.

  1. Waffles are like pancakes, with syrup traps

    look at that, the syrup goes perfectly with the waffle! And when one square is filled, just move on to da next!Waffles. Are. The. Best.


    And i thought mitch hedberg was kool b4!

    that man is representinin the awsomeness of the waffle!!!!!!!!

    RIP Mitch
  2. yummmmm. I haven't had waffles in sooo long, must pick up some at the grocery store later... :smoking:
  3. Man you know what I have never had a waffle. :eek:
  4. had one this morning

    better than pancakes for sure

    burgers rule all though

    and waffle burgers . . .

    not even ninjas with guitars are that awesome
  5. i havent had a waffle in a really long time. i want one of those Belgian waffles though. all thick and buttery, ahh so good. thats it im going after waffles
  6. i'm fucking hungry
  7. :eek:....



    store waffles blow. i said it once ill say it again. Any1 in my area is welcome to free waffles. just so they dont have to eat shit store ones

    i need to ask you one thing.... whats better


  8. for sure the bottom ones are the shit

    but eggo waffles are pretty bomb too

    and i might have to take you up on that offer on free waffles
  9. I have a waffle iron and I make some mean waffles. Damn that sounds good right now. That's it- waffles it is this weekend! :p
  10. he was a funny funny man..to sum it up so simply.
  11. so waffles are female and syrup is a male


    so if we eat panakes, that make us gay
  12. most def. second.... but I don't have a waffle maker! or anybody to make me them! so, I rely on store bought :( I'm sorry!
  13. I like CannaWaffles. They're just like regular awesome Belgians, but with some Chronic Tonic(infused Honey syrup) and Canna butter on top. And you can use cannabis butter in the batter!

    CannaButter Makes Better Batter.


    Mitch was great!
  14. Not only do I like waffles, I LOVE waffles!!!
    Thank-you Belgians.
  15. I like pancakes and waffles... Can't all breakfast foods just get along? :hide:

    I mean they both have their benefits. Waffles have the little syrup holding square things... But pancakes are so fluffy and absorbent that they suck the syrup into their inner cells, holding it nice and tight so when cut it open it oozes out like fresh blood out of a scrape on a child's arm. And then you eat it and it explodes with buttery goodness.

    Not to mention they're made from the same type of batter.

    You're making the cereal cry, look what you've done!
  16. but the cereal got the milk!!!
  17. waffles suck, they dont stay warm and by the time you get them cut up n put syrup on them they're room temperature
  18. dont come in my waffle threads


  19. One up for redundancy.

  20. youre talking about something like this right?

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