I like to pee outside.

Discussion in 'General' started by Royal Vengeance, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Just sayin.
    It rained outside.. its smellin fresh.. just cold enough it steams when it hits the bush. 

  2. I pee outside all the time.
  3. the only time i get to pee outside is when we go camping

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  4. More people should pee outside. Extra nitrogen for the plants.
  5. it just feels so natural
  6. Peeing outside is da shit!

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  7. I gotta agree. Tonight I was looking at the moon, pissing, and thought "why don't I do this all the time?"
    It's peaceful.
  8. Unless you're right outside the club, and everyone can see you, and you're a female...i swear some people just shouldn't drink.
  9. It's like giving right back to nature, just feels so free.  I live pretty far out so there's no neighbors close enough to see, but even when I'm in the city I like finding a tree.
  10. I've been pissing outside since I was a little boy (learned from my father) I'm an old man now and still doing it. Except when it gets below 20-30 degrees outside or whatever.

    I have an old toilet that uses about 4 gallons per flush, so by pissing outside I save a lot of wear and tear on my well pump.

    I've gone out with women (raised in the city) who thought it was just about the most horrible thing I could do, lol dumb cunts. And some country girls who pissed outside themselves. One was living with me in '06 and we were in the woods cutting firewood one time. All of a sudden she drops her pants and started pissing. I was so turned on I wanted to bang her right there but she would have none of it. She was way undersexed anyway.
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    I live in an apartment complex

    But I got the corner spot with a forest thing next to it

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  12. When I'm lazy I stand up in my window sill at an awkward angle and pee through the screen.
  13. Peeing outside feels liberating.
    Fuck toilets, I'm going to start shitting outside. Slight bend of the knees and PUSH.
  14. Man noyhin better than pissin outside
  15. It makes me feel superior for some reason.
  16. Well damn.
    I know someone who pees outside. I caught him once and was so freaked out. Like dude. The bathroom is right there. I wondered why the grass was dead in that one spot.

    I still think its weird but at least I know it's somewhat normal and he's not being a perv.

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  17. Its the prospect of being caught.
    Like a danger wank.
  18. I'm learning a lesson from my dogs. When I find someone else peeing outside, I wait till they're done, then run over and pee on top of it. 

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