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I like to design my own clothes and graphic t's

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by <<C.H.S>>, Nov 1, 2003.

  1. here is one I had just done

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  2. Do you come with the shirt? :D

    Anways it looks real good.
  3. you are sexy.
  4. You smooth talker Jack_Herrer :D
  5. i aim to please, lol
  6. my friends sister is a designer, shes livin out in cali and workin for boss i believe, she at least was working for them, she says its a pretty sweet ass job and makes a crap load of money.

  7. thats cool.I don't really want to do it for a living.I am pre law in college right now.I just love making my own clothes. Here is a dress I made and me and some cool graphics I added.

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  8. That'd make a good advertisement.

  9. pre--

    thats great for you?

    what year are you in? and well, lol, what school out of curiosity? oh, and well, what kind of law are you studying more importantly, lol, I might need someone in a sorta field, godforbid, but never know.. lol ...im laughing now :)

  10. I am at UC Berkeley right now on my junior year...trying to get into an east coast law school.If I can keep my grades up I really want to go to Princeton or Columbia in NYC. As far as what field, I am not sure yet. I am looking forward to being close to or residing in NYC. I will miss my SF Bay area and all the alternative pleasures it has to offer ;)

  11. I was thinking the same thing, haha...

    I've made some of my own shirts before, usually with just some graphic that i created in paint shop that i thought would look cool on a shirt... Too bad the iron on transfers totally SUCK for durability! Are you painting the graphics straight onto the shirt or what?
  12. oh you forgot to put my FULL name in it CHS ;)

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  13. lol, I see that grass roots you have yor own clothing company. Sweet. Grass Roots clothing company...wait a minute...hmmmm. Just had a realization. brb.

    if somthing comes up I owe you grass roots!
  14. Splendid! I <3 making clothing. Ever since my mum stole my sewing machine though, I have to do it all by hand... *sigh* But alas, I have no room in my dorm for more clothing! (I'm a design major btw, & you can laugh at me when you're making more money than I am in 5 years. *wink*)

    Oh yeah, I'm curious how you get the graphics on there too... did you buy special transfer paper for an inkjet printer or an iron-on kit, or did you get a local business to spot you some screen printing or sublimation? If you can find anyone in your area that does quality sublimation, I suggest you get your clothing done that way. It will never wash out, the design becomes part of the fabric. *nods*
  15. Very cool. I have a friend that designs his own clothes. Pretty neat. :D
  16. I allready got a theme shirt :) I bought two of them, haha...the teachers in my school give me the hardest time with it too. They are like, starring at my shirt and then i have to turn around to let them see the "roots" part, haha...

  17. Wait. Are they Grassroots' clothes or yours?

    Damn smart, beautiful and a stoner. I give you a 10.

    Are you hawaiian?

  18. Coincidence that it had "roots" on the picture, and i just slapped "grass" on there to make it my name. I don't have any affliliation with CHS, but i wish i did, haha...

  19. haha, i can see it now.... grass roots clothing company, hemp made t-shirts with subliminal marijuana graphics and text, i'd buy one!

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