i like this girl but im tired of this?

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  1. i like this girl.. im not showing her that im dying for her but she really thinks that... i heard also from other that she knows i like her ..
    what i hate the most is she's not showing really any emotionss or love back..
    she's giving me the cold shoulder BIG TIME.. and im starting to hate that..
    we talk alot in facebook (inbox messages) and one time i told her "i know ur gunna miss me <3 ;) " since she's travelling somewhere.. she told me "a week away for you.. HEAVEN" and she knew i was online and i jst ignored her (usually i reply instantly).. so i saw here writing in her status a while after "some people can't just take a hint -_-"
    then i told her im gunna back off a lil bit since that what she wants
    yesterday asked her how was her day and she just answered "beautiful"...

    i jst wanna know.. do u guys or girls think she likes me and doesn't just wanna show it? or she really doesn't like me the way i like her right now? she never had a bf before
    to be honest im getting discouraged of "chasing" her if she's really trying to play "you got to try harder to get me" type of thing...

    I dunno. When I ask her to hang out with me, she does instead of chilling with her friends. (that's the only thing she does that shows that she might like me).
    Also some of her friends would ask her if she would go with them somewhere but she would make up an excuse like "she can't get up"..
    I don't think she ever had a boyfriend before.. may be that's why she's acting the way she is?

    someone told me that:

    End the charade and tell her straight up because I dont think she really thinks you like her like that. Do something drastic.....like go to her and tell her. Not that difficult if she really means something to you. Otherwise you will lose her. Get off the computer and do it in person. A girl would never say things like that if they didnt care. You've done something to piss her off and she doesnt think you care. Good Luck. I sincerely hope it works out for you.

    and he/she might be right..that might be a BIGG possibility because she usually sees me with other girls... but she kinda knows i like her tho..
    lol sorry for long post im high
  2. You sound like a little kid. She sounds like she doesn't like you. Why are you letting this shit get complicated for you? Its not complicated.
  3. Exactly :eek:
  4. she sounds like a bitch, who is to lazy to say " I don't like you back"
    Forget her. Not worth your time i say.

    or you can just message her flat out saying: "do i have a chance with you?"
  5. just be like "bitch please"
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  6. Uh I wouldn't do that personally, it makes you sound like you have low self esteem. You see, YOU need to make her realize that she would be lucky to get to go out with YOU! That's the whole trick here! You need to make her think that YOUR the prize, and not her. Right now, she's just toying with you, she's got you wrapped around her finger and she's playing with you. What you need to do is just go straight up to her, and just be fucking as straight forward as possible and ask her on a date! And MAKE SURE SHE KNOWS it's a date! But do it sorta 'cool' if you know what I mean. In a somewhat cocky but not super cocky way, more funny than anything. So like bust her balls about something, make a little fun of something about her, and then make her ponder weather you were being serious or just joking around to make her laugh. The mysteriousness of you will make her want to JUMP YOUR BONES!
  7. dude, seriously. How hard is it to ask a girl if they like you or not? You should be asking her if she likes you not us.

  8. ^^^^THIS^^^^:rolleyes:
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    She definitely knows you like her and declaring it won't help. I don't think she likes you. There would be no harm in leaving her alone. If she doesn't like you then she will appreciate that you finally got the hint. If she does then she will miss you and will make contact with you.

    What I suspect is going on is that she's flattered you like her so she privately encourages it, but she doesn't actually like you back. Does she hang out with you and with friends? Making up an excuse to see you doesn't sound so great. If she felt okay about liking you she would probably just tell her friends she's going to hang out with you. Does she ever post on your wall or is it all inbox messages? If she likes your attention and likes having a 'nuisance crush' to complain about to her friends to make herself seem more popular then she wouldn't want anyone to know she's hanging out with you one on one and communicating with you online.
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    A response that I actually feel MIGHT be true and really relating to my situation.
    She tries to "flirt" and play around with guys a lot when i'm arround. She jokes with them and stuff and she never does that to me.i will alwayss catch her looking at me (or staring) when im talking to other girls too... i dunn think it was a one time thing.. i think shes alwaysss staring at me when im talking to other girlz..
    it's all inbox messages...
    "If she likes your attention and likes having a 'nuisance crush' to complain about to her friends to make herself seem more popular then she wouldn't want anyone to know she's hanging out with you one on one and communicating with you online." I dunno is it because i'm high but i really dont get that part :confused:
  11. Girls like to think more boys are interested in them than they are interested in. She might be pretending to be annoyed by your attention to her friends just so she or they will think there's someone who likes her so much he clings to her on despite her claiming not to want him. She would have to keep you engaged privately but rejected publicly.

    If her friends are telling you that she knows you like her then she has been talking about you to them. If she was gushing about how much she liked you to them, one of her friends would have probably given you a hint to 'go for it' when she mentioned this girl knows about your feelings (assuming her friends like her and want her to be happy.) That makes me think she wasn't telling them she liked you back.

    The other thing I was thinking was that you might be her only admirer so she doesn't want to get rid of you and have none, but she's not interested in you either so she doesn't want to encourage you. The cold shoulder you mentioned also makes it seem like she's not into you. Some girls love playing hard to get and do it naturally, but it's not common among inexperienced girls who actually like the guy pursuing them.
  12. it's sad but true.
  13. ask her lol its simple
  14. just ask her out the worst thing that can happen is you get rejected and tha'ts what's going to happen if you don't anyway who the fuck talks to a guy for no reason? no one so just do it

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