I like my pajama pants so sod off!

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  1. So I had a room mate, he was always annoyed that when he would come home after work I'd be at home in my Pajama Bottoms. Now I never really thought about leaving the home with them maybe on a few midnight runs I did, but lately.. I just do not give a fuck anymore.

    I love my Pajama pants, they are the most comfortable thing and are as close to going naked as I can (given the option being naked at home is the only way to be imo)

    Why are the word, trashy lazy and slob associated to pajama pants?

    Some of my Pajama pants cost nearly as much as regular pants, and if actually going out then I put on my normal pants, but i hate them.. I truly hate regular pants as I cant stand denim.

    Why is it that the most comfortable option is so taboo?

    People wear sweats out and they do not breathe like a lot of pajama bottoms (just like denim does not breath so well either)

    Pajama pants prevent sweaty nuts on hot humid days.. just saying.

    People say its about being lazy and not wanting to put pants on.. not even, I go out of my way if im wearing pants to put Pajama pants on as soon as possible. typically the minute i'm inside the house i put em on and then if i have to go to the grocery store they never come off, just too comfortable.
  2. wear it then,,,who cares
  3. Generally speaking wearing your night clothes out in public is negatively viewed. The idea being you just rolled out of bed and couldn't take the five minutes to groom yourself.

    That said anyone who gives you guff just tell them to try it or take a hike, pajama bottoms are mad comfy.
  4. Dude pajama pants are the best thing in the world I still wear them lol.

    When I was little I called them jammies.
  5. If someone asks you why you're wearing pajama pants, tell them..

    "It was either this or the speedo" :D
  6. Whats the big deal?
  7. I am in my pj pants right now and loving it....
  8. I didn't know it was taboo to do that. But my only roommate is my brother so I wear boxers and a wife beater at home.

  9. The Social Taboo. The looks, while they do not phase me in the slightest, I find it pathetic that people find such issue in Pajama Pants.

    In society it seems like one other poster here stated people assume you are just lazy and a slob.

    Yet you can be freshly showered, shaved and wearing all clean clothes but instead of normal pants you have Pajama pants and the perception of "just rolled out of bed" is always the same.

    People need to get past their social hangups of looking great or staying within the norm.. There is nothing more comfortable and what is wrong with living life comfortably.
  10. Umm, this really isn't a social taboo. Heroine and Cocaine is a social taboo, not whether or not you are wearing jeans or stretchy pants.

    Also why is this such a issue? I have roommates that do this all the time, no one freaks out. Walmart managers do not ensue attacking us just because my roommate might have dumbo and mice with red hats on his legs. I feel like someone around you has a personal hang up with this and you just translate it into everyone feeling that way.

    It's basically a super casual form of pants, and some people get mad if a certain level of decorum isn't reached. This is really only a pet peeve for certain people, and unf it sounds like someone rags on you a lot.

    P.S. I'm sure we've all seen the white trash wearing flip flops, a snotty kid, pajama pants, and like no bra baggy t-shirt.
  11. Dirty pajamas, ewww.
    try wearing some sport shorts or some comfortable pants?
    You’ll Look Better.
  12. i wear pajamas all the time.

    i dont give a fuck what people say bruh. you shouldnt neither.

  13. Why do people assume Pajamas are dirty? I have a drawer of pajama pants. Flanel ones, other nice ones. (no cheezy walmart ones though)

    And Comfortable pants? They do not exist when compared to pajama pants.
  14. I don't personally wear mine out but I don't think people who do are trashy. Well, they might be but I wouldn't base it solely on the fact that they're in pajama pants. Ill run to the corner store or something maybe but I'd never wear them to the mall or to dinner..
  15. Eh, I was never a fan of pajama pants. Sometimes you see people in public and they just look like a fucking mess while wearing them. I suppose if your groom the rest of yourself (mainly hair I guess) then it doesn't look as bad to the public. Either way though, fuck it, if it's comfortable wear it
  16. I wear tiny shorts out in public all the time. People must think I have no sense for fashion or worse. Also, I'm a big guy and know I look ridiculous. I just don't care I think. I even wore them on a smokin' date (literally) recently.
  17. All about the bball shorts and a tank.

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    Same here man
  19. i do that too as soon as i get home...i change and..whenever i'm at home im basically in kickround clothes, oversized pj bottoms and some big oversized old band tee/hoodie-its so comfy..i'd simply tell my roomate to fuck off and mind his own clothes if he gave me gaff for it, but no one ever has and hopefully no stupid twit will. ( Although i doonly wear them in the apt)
    Its not that i care what other people think, i just care what i think and i know my *at home* clothes make me look like my bodies drowning in my clothes(Skinny) so i wouldn't wear em out-instead something i liked that looked good/comfortable
  20. I don't understand the reason for pajama pants. Why do you need to wear pants to bed? How can you even get to sleep with so many layers of cloth tangling around your legs?

    And as far as filling the "comfortable trousers" role, you don't need pajamas to do that. Find yourself a nice pair of fairly loose cargos or exercise pants in a lightweight material. Buy them at a store like REI instead of Walmart if you can afford to because quality makes a world of difference. Loose non-denim pants aren't the height of fashion right now for everyday wear but they're comfy as hell and don't look ridiculous on an adult body the way pajamas do.

    Plus if you go for lots of pockets they work great for carrying lots of marijuana paraphernalia around without clicking and jingling with every step.

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