i like chubby girls

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    A - B - C
    I pefer C over A or B anyday. my crush in elementary school was a a a little bigger than C girl.
    I DO NOT WANT 300+LBS girls. thank you.

  2. Like em?  LOVE em!!!!
  3. Glad you do! :) Sent from my iPhone using Grassc
  4. Chubby chaser!The jump from B to C is too big though. B should be slightly thicker.
  5. Was thinkin the same thing lol.
  6. Where's H?
  7. someones got to love them, wont be me though
  8. chubby chaser, bbw admirer here, love em cant get enough of em want more of em. gimme them big bottom girls yummayum, shakey shakey mama.
  9. I'll take B off your hands then
  10. I'm a c+ kinda guy. A and B have no cushion for my pushin!
  11. Yeah i like broads with some meat on them as well
  12. Id bang any of them :laughing:

    Definitely like C the most though
  13. I'd do all three but women should have dangerous curves.
  14. There is just a something so special and enjoyable about gliding along the curves of a woman such as "C".
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    Im a skinny ass fuck but I love curvy girls,give me a fat ass and a big set of tits and my hearts pounding like a horse dick on a new england thorough bred ranch.
  16. I love fat bitches. Fat hog bitches attack a cock with their mouth like it was a foot long corn dog!
    I will pork a fat bitch , Im not proud.
  17. how fat are we talking? Whats the biggest hog youve ever tamed? I dont think ive broke the 200 pound barrier.
    230 or more. She just gave great head so it was worth it. she was a freak fuck her doggie, and ram a dildo up her ass and get her all happy.
    She threw a party once and had her friends over and let me fuck them all. Fun woman even if she was a beast.

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