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Discussion in 'General' started by InferiorWang, May 9, 2003.

  1. I'm starting this thread in response to another. Tell us what cars you like/have driven/etc.

    I'm going to be looking at an AWD Eagle Talon this weekend. If it looks good I'll prolly buy it next weekend. DSM's are badass cars. They have so much potential it's not even funny.

    Prolly my favorite car is a Skyline GT-R R32. The new ones just don't look as cool, and it has so much power and potential for more. There's a reason it's called Godzilla in Japan. My boss has a new Z with the touring package and I want to drive it so bad. They aren't as fast as they should be, but they're beautiful cars. Also, my grandpa has a 1983 280ZX Turbo that I want to drive. He never drives that car hard and I know it yearns to be driven like a sports car. I just want to treat it the way it wants to be treated. I also want to restore it. It just has minor problems that happen when a car is 20 years old. My grandpa has been the only owner of that car and it has less than 150,000 miles on it.

    Another car I like, and was gonna get if I couldn't find a dsm to buy is the 240sx. Those are torquey little buggers. You can turbo that ka24de and get some serious power. My little brother has a 1995 240SX and I was looking at getting a 91 or 92. I like the hatchback look.

    Anyways, this is now the official car discussion thread, so discuss.
  2. I've got am '89 240sx, hatchback, ka24e, and from the research i've done on 'em the '89's are the year to have. They're the lightest of the bunch, amd the ka24e single cam is said to be a lot more responsive to tuning.

    Currently mine is apart and in project stage, but when i was driving her she was a badass ride. A very stable car even in high speed drift mode, it's a hella fun car to drive. It's ultra tossable, and has a balanced feeling. You can pendulum at 60mph, drop to second and clutch dump from 5k or so and the assend fans out nicely and will drift hands off, thanks to the 7+ degrees of caster built into the front end geometry as well as the tier contact patch being inline perfectly with the plane between the two pivots on the spindle.

    I can't wait till i finish mine and have a turbo'd monster to go big block huntin' with.

    Yeah, the new Z is badass lookin, but it should have more power i think.

    DSM's are badass, just don't get an eclipse with an automatic, the trannies are shit, i've had friends who blew 'em up on grocery getters driven mildly.

    I got a thing tho for old skool imorts, there's something uniquely rad about seeing an '80's Prelude an inch off the ground with 17's and and a viscious sound. I had an '86 that i never got as far as finishing the project. I drove it for about a year and it blew up on me, but that was only after a lot of 1/8 mile combat against tuned civics at the local strip. I ran equal to and sometimes better that some pretty well tuned 90's civics. Other old skoolers that stand out are the DSM Starion (i think that's what they call the turbo version) the ones that look like the old mid 80's celica turbos, my cuz was gonna buy one in electric blue and highly tuned, we test drove it and it was a beast. We ended up building a 67-69 camaro instead tho and that car ran low 12's and broke 11's once or twice.

    I had an Isuzu Impulse, an '86 that was the bomb. It's got a strangely angular but futuristic spacecraft look to it, and is also a performer. I had a 1.9l non turbo and i've topped that car out at over 160mph in the open desert and would be able to sustain 150mph at about 5krpm in 5th gear. I bought it for $100 I raced a helicopter in that car and won, out in the california desert, some guy flew up alongside of me in a Hughes 500D and waved, i waved back and gunned it and he pushed the cyclic forward and it was on. He hung with me till i got up to about 125 and he started hitting his max speed, and i was just getting on top of the power curve.

    Man, there are so many other bomb ass cars i've owned or driven i could write a book.

    A few notables that stand out but are in exotic sportscar territory are the 1975 Mercedes Benz 450SLC, i've owned this car, and i used to set my cruise control at 160mph and cruise. The 1979 Porsche 928-S4 Euro, my friend owned it, i drove it, had well over 750 rwhp and was an amzing machine. 0-60 in under 3 seconds, 0 to 100 in less than 5 sec, it was a fun car to go kill anything else on the road. We've raced and won against turbo, nitro blown big blocks with nothing more than 460someodd cubic inches of titanium and aluminium aspirating normally through a cold air intake and pooing out a 4" dual exhaust. That car sounded scary, when it idles, the ground would shake and when ya punched it this deafening roar would come from the 2 4" exhausts and has a couple of times shattered windows from the sound. s much as i drove that car it would still give me chills everytime i turned the key, and i'd have to try not to bust a nut when i got a good launch off the line and felt my eyeballs caving in as i was almost instantly launched up into triple digit speeds. That was the most viscious car i've ever seen, and the exhaust note would rival that of some fighter jets in volume and "intimidation factor"

  3. if youre goin for a talon which is an amazin car for sure, make sure you get the twin turbo
  4. My first car, Burgita, was an 81 Mercury Zephyr...I loved her :(

    The car I drive now is my mom's 96 Monte Carlo...with the special edition engine!! I love racing in the city in that car :D
  5. I know how notorious dsm trannies are. I'm getting a manual but even those have shitty synchros. And from what I've heard the 89 is not the year to get in 240sx's. dohc is better than sohc. You can get a pretty good increase on the ka24de just by putting an altima exhaust cam in. Plus, theres a little more adjustability with dohc, and it comes from the factory with more hp. And 240's are great for handling. I'm trying to get my brother to do stuff to his b/c he said he wanted to when he got it, but now he's being a pussy. It figures that he would say something like that to get me excited and then back out. He's an inconsiderate jerk. At least I talked him out of buying a civic and ricing it out. He wanted to get a wing, body kit, and rims so it would be mad tyte yo.
  6. Wang, the SOHC responds better to tuning, you get more gain, and you can get the same power by installing pistons froma DOHC and getting higher compression. It is said that the drag and weight of the second cam offsets it's benefits and also for simplicity and less moving parts, i like the ruggedness of the SOHC head

    Check the forums over at 240sx.org and you'll hear both sides of the argument. The S13 chassis (89) is the lightest of all the s- series chassis built. In '90 the S13sm chassis was used, the sm stands for slight modification, the modification was about 100 lbs more weight just to restyle the body slightly. You can put a DOHC in an '89 bolt on. The best chassis to get is the '89 non-hatchback, as it is 50 lbs lighter in the back due to the smaller window and also stiffer because the decklid/window support is reinforced and braces the rear shock towers, it's a sunstantially stiffer chassis.

    Check the Simple Digital Systems website to see a homemade turbo on a ka24e and a lot of other trick stuff done to the same car.

    Also check Realnissan.com for ka24e performance parts. They got 'e,s that run insane numbers.
  7. have you checked out zilvia.net? it's a pretty good 240sx site.
  8. I'm going to buy a new Mustang when they start putting the boss engines in them!

    then we can talk about racing!
  9. you will spend a shit load on your mustang and my car will still be faster.
  10. I don't want it to be fast, just steady!
  11. u dont want it to be fast and ur getting a boss engine? i confuse.

    also, the talon awd's are all turbo, they never made a talon twin turbo. and 240's are awesome (im a nissan lover) but dont get so hyped about the ka24, it is just the nissan light truck engine that they were using at the time and dropped it in their because it was already smog legal. it s not to great of an engine, 240's get serious when the sr20det is dropped in there. when u got that, they are fun as shit, their is a reason silvia's are called the drift machines
  12. I didn't say talons were TT did I? Anyways, if you want a car to be real fast and you have TT you need to switch it to single turbo. Talons/Lasers/Eclipses came with 2 FWD non turbo versions, 1 FWD turbo, and 1 AWD turbo version. I've read a hell of a lot about these cars and know more than most people really need to. Too bad I'm prolly not going to be able to find one now. I think I may be stuck getting a civic. There's no way in hell I'm going to try to tune that at all. I'm not gonna end up like those ricers. It will just be transportation until I find a car I really want. And I'm getting a good deal on it.

    And I know about the KA just being a truck engine. An SR20 or an RB series engine would be awesome, but that costs a lot more money to buy and install. A KA I could custom fabricate stuff to turbo it by myself. I just kinda like all the low end torque it has, but it has that torque because it's a truck engine.
  13. u didn't say it was tt, someone else did. my dad used to race 240's w/ ka24's and they couldn't beat the ITR's because they had the ka to its max power output, and trust me, they could do no more. dropping an sr20de or det in to a 240 is not that expensive, i've seen it for 2 grand w/ a sr20 w/ 0 miles on it. sr20's are much easier to mod and are much better engines imo since they are so beefy and shit
  14. SR20's are getting much more expensive because 240's are starting to get popular. Once people start doing that swap, engine prices go up. I've been skimming a couple sites in case I come across a deal, but it looks like for me it will be cheaper to do stuff myself. If I get one it won't be a drag car like a dsm would if I got it. I would just play with the 240 and make it faster as I felt like it, but make sure to do suspension work since the 240 is built to be a car that handles. Whatever car I get, I'm going to try to work with it's strengths.
  15. I'm a euro-freak...BMW, without question, designs the most perfect automobiles available to the consumer...

    The BMW 530i was rated by Consumer Reports as the best automobile EVER tested...

    My dad just traded in his 328i for a 525i. I got to drive it already, and it is friggin sweet ;)
  16. Yeah, you could just toss an sr20 in the s13, but think about it, th KA has more displacement, an iron block, heavier, yes, but you can't hurt 'em with boost. With a good set of forged pistons, rods, and some bottom end work, a fresh set of ARP studs and careful but simple SDS engine management system you can shove all the boost you want at it and just keep making power. I wouldn't trust the aluminum block to handle big upper deack numbers without a sleeved,braced, decked block, and that's a lotta blockwork.

    Besides, if ya blow up a KA you're out a few hunderd bucks, so what, as cheap as they are you can have 5 spare engines fo the price of 1 good sr20det.

    If i had unlimited funds i'd get an sr20det and tune the fuck outta it, but the KA is still a badass powerplant.

    It's got a long stroke, a byproduct of it's truck engine origins, and makes for a torquey engine at 2.4 liters, It's a good engine to tune because it's not a high revving piece, and it makes power in a smaller RPM range. I'd rather have a a torquey engine with a 6k redline than a peaky engine that will touch 9k just to get goin'

    My honda is an example of an engine with a bipolar diorder, under 3000 and it feels like an electric bicycle going uphill, but after 3k it come alive up to around 5500 where gains are minimal. My 240 makes power anywhere, you roll in 1st gear and stomp it and it picks up.

    It's got some problems but they can be easily overcome and a little bit of tuning on that engine can go a long way.
  17. I just got my first car a couple of weeks ago! An F reg Renault 11! It's just to learn in really, I doubt if it'll be roadworthy.

    My dream vehicle though, it's got to be a Ford Transit. Some day I will own one. I'll paint it black and do all sorts of crazy bollocks to it (Flames/lightning, band logo, spoiler, all the stuff people who know bugger all about cars do!)

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