I like big butts and I can not lie

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by TimeHigh, Aug 28, 2008.

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    Who else? :D
  2. i like em to a certain extent. like if it's on a fuckin hot girl. but other than that, that shit is nasty. especially when it doesn't look in proportion to a girl's body. why you want something that big is beyond me.
  3. I like when they have shape, don't get me wrong I'm not into that flappy nasty shit, but nice round bubble butts are sexy in my opinion.
  4. cushion for she pushin:)
  5. I like big tits.
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  7. i love a big, round apple bottom
  8. I have a big butt. Just ask CrazyPotHead :p;)
  9. then youll all love my thread.here.:D.
  10. Asses are nice but shes gotta have some legs to go with it.

    Who the fuck is CrazyPotHead? :confused_2:
  11. I'm more of a silicone toy guy...
  12. of course, its like a package deal man. no girl with a really nice ass would have fat legs come on.
  13. You got the complete packages, the ones with dimples in the thighes, the ones with chicken legs and a big booty, you got super thick ones.....
  14. As a hispanic male I must say I am a fan of a nice booty
  15. Big butt and big bust is a must.
  16. nothin' hotter

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