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I lied to my family and friends about quitting weed...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by blazinbigbluntz, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. OK my friends and I were talking and only one of them smokes weed so the rest of them look down on us when we do it, so I lied to them and said I'd quit so they would stop asking me to. Then an hour later my mum rings saying how happy she is for me that I've finally quit after using it for 10 years. Now I cant quit, I don't want to quit, but I can't smoke it around my friends anymore or my mum will find out. Why can't they just be happy for me even if I smoke it? It's just a plant. And how can I live in the same apartment as them and smoke weed when they would clearly smell it? I just want to get high on my own time and it doesn't affect my day-to-day life so they should let me be me. I cant keep going to the 'shop' every time I want to smoke a joint. Has anyone else ever said anything this stupid to their friends who don't smoke weed, and if you have what did you do?
  2. but u still blazinbigbluntz??
  3. It takes a while to erase what's been programmed.

    I give my Mom edibles all the time now, helps her sleep and get rid of pain.:D
  4. Of course but no more indoor sessions until I move or they keep cool with me smoking...
  5. just tell em u smoke man
    sounds like u were happier when they bugged
    get a vape too..helps with the smell

    or even a vape pen would work..u can throw some herb or even some oil or wax

    nothing worse than to have to hide the fact that u smoke
    fuck even the cops know i love my
  6. real friends would accept you for who you are
  7. get a smoke buddy and a vape. and better friends
  8. your a bit fucked then. maybe you should stop smoking weed? sorry man
  9. wait a week and then smoke a bowl if they ask just say you needed a bowl
  10. Get whoever you live with to view weed the way you, or we, do and so they know your not exactly a drug addict, as your not
  11. I'd rather cut my balls off and flush em down the toilet.. lol
  12. #12 k0r, Apr 13, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 13, 2013
    Keep consuming marijuana, man. Like you said yourself, you're the same person whether you consume it or not. Society just has a very bad outlook on the plant. It's to the point where they actually make people who like marijuana think they're doing something wrong when we really aren't. They need to learn to accept you for who you are. Just don't do it in their house, because then that would be disrespectful if they don't want it in their house
  13. Sounds complicated, do you not have a garden you could put a coosty seat in n blaze up? [​IMG]
  14. Exactly same thing happend to me, besides that my mom never knew and still does not, if you want to smoke weed in your apartment without letting your friends know it you have to fire up a regular tobacco cigarette and just let the tobacco smell take over your apartment, because tobacco smell is much stronger than weed, or just tell them to shut the fuck up and tell them that you can live what ever fucking way you want to live.. Your life
    -a friend with weed is a friend indeed<3

  15. gtfo then
  16. Tell them they've been brainwashed into thinking it's bad. Educate them and point out that it's virtually harmless, and even beneficial to your health.

  17. Real family members too.
  18. Start making edibles when there not there and save them so that when you can smoke herb you do but when you need to hide it take an edible
  19. "hey uhh guys remember when I said I quit smoking?"

    "yeah dude"

    "well uhh.. I was just fucking with you"


    "please don't tell my mom"
  20. Tell them all that you want them to give up alcohol as it is very bad for their health(im assuming they take the socially accepted drug)

    Watch how they react and then counteract the arguement with them telling you to stop taking the drug of your choice!!ah you know what i mean dude,educate them and if they are too ignorant to listen at least you tried!

    By the way you say youve smoked ten years,what kind of friends do you have that they tell your mother?
    You only get one life,dont alter it to make others happy all the time or you'll end up what makes you happy and content and the rest will follow

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