I leterally Just thought about this...Awesome

Discussion in 'General' started by I am your BuD-E, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. Ok so i am sitting here hitting my Sheldon black with some nice Haze in it and i am playing one of the stupid yet fun and addicting face book sim games..Millionaire City and i see adds for all these games where u have to build cities and farms and blah...so i though what if we had STONER CITY. that would be great cause you would have to build your own property and then grow house and then spread your business and you could grow strains and other friends could go to you to get a strain they want. i mean you could build like a little cartel or something.. have friends work for you.. shit like that.. i think they could get a lot of people to play .. if mafia wars and farmville did so good .. so can this
  2. If weed was legal this might be a good idea
  3. ^ I wonder if that would affect the game at all though? I mean, murder is also illegal, but there sure are a lot of games centered around killing. xD

    I'd play it if it were free! I'm not generally one to pay for extra shit in online games.
  4. Nah, I played a FB game called "Pot Farmer" for a week or so. Basically you ran a pot farm, bought new seeds, grew plants, sold them, etc, etc.

    A Stoner City would be awesome as a SIMs type game. First SIMS I would actually play since the original :)

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