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i let mary jane enhance my life..

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by GillyTHEkid, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. whats up blades, i had a few rips from my gb and i tell ya... im feeling great. got oj and kush bumpin as a type..

    ill admit it, i kinda abused marijuana the last month and a half. i blew all my money on her, but it didnt affect me negatively besides making me broke. (im home from college and i had some money from selling books.)

    i was also rehabing my broken fibula and stressed lower back, i had alot of free time so i just blazed up. i would light up a bowl at around 12pm -1pm and another around 10pm, pretty much every single day.

    i began not to get the same pleasure out of toking up so i decided to cut back. it began as a 2 day t break :D (tried to go a week but i couldnt do it), then .3 in the gb a night thing. as im doing now

    i am back lifeguarding so im making money and my body is back to its normal self so im feelings great.

    after a 8 hour day of roasting in the sun i get to come home, unwind, but blazing :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    anybody else the same way as i do?
  2. OP's fuckin baked.
  3. I find that when I catch myself not enjoying weed, I just simply take a week tolerance break to clear my head.
  4. Haha u weren't abusing it op. To abuse a substance is to continue using it despite negative effects. Anyways. Yes I think that's what a Lot of people do. Just a great way to unwind. So toke up brutha!
  5. In about 3hours you are going to see this thread and go "what da fuck...was I dat high? Man thats some goodd shiiitt"

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