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I legit think I have some laced "weed"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Beentoken, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. To start off I got this shit from a guy down in the city, i live in STL btw. Anyways the guy said he has good connects to dispensaries and shit, and he sold me my 1/8th in a green tube, and it had a pot dispensary sticker/label on it. Said it's sweet island skunk (or kush cant remember), and it was from boulder, colorado. I take it out to pack a bowl and i noticed that the bud is kindof dark green, and it breaks apart perfectly, what i mean but that is it doesn't flake apart, or the bud doesnt get de-tached really from the bits i break off to pack a bowl with like normal weed would. Anyways, when i go to exhale, i get the taste of gasoline and i know what it tastes like because i've huffed before to experiment. It will last about the same length as weed, but it doesn't give me red eyes at all, and it doesn't really make me get funny thoughts and i dont get cotton mouthed at all. Its more of a trippy type feeling, it just feels like i'm not in the right state of mind. Its hard to explain just like any type of high is but you get the point. I've been smoking for 2 years and never had the taste of gasoline on the roof of my mouth when exhaling smoke.
  2. really? huffing gasoline? that's low man

    Sounds like you just got some really strong bud though, doubt there's anything wrong with it.
  3. legit like omg thats so legit.
  4. So you don't notice any difference other then that it tastes different, and it breaks up different then the average weed you get.

    Did it feel like a normal cannabis high?
  5. It's probably just bomb shit.
  6. i mean it could have been that fake weed spice shit that he put in one of those tubes but i doubt it, its weird how people but those i think my weed was laced shit on here. no one will pay more to lace your weed and if they did then be happy because it should have cost more
  7. sorry but your reasonings for it being laced doesn't suffice. Just sounds like some new weed that you have never tried. I think laced weed would have much more of an effect than that. :)
  8. i totally agree, but what i was thinking was that he could have got some potpourri-weed, and soaked it into some gas to get you high so you don't think it's fake. sounds hard to believe that without any proof, i dont even know for sure, just a thought wondering. ima still smoke the rest of this shit either way

  9. *Devil's Advocate*
    If it were soaked in gasoline, wouldn't it ignite when you lit it?

    I think it's either a K2-like product or a strain of weed that you haven't tried yet. But if you really don't like it, I guess you can send it to me... :smoke:
  10. Lol..Dude, it's called chron. Welcome to the world of cannabis.
  11. If you bought an 1/8, and said it tastes like gasoline..why don't you take pictures?

    find a white countertop
  12. Gah, fuck! My fuckin' eyes!:cool:
  13. Some buds have a diesel undertone. I wouldn't say it isn't normal.
  14. Yep, sounds like crack to me
  15. Wouldn't the bowl catch fire in an atypical way to what it usually does? I'm no expert chemist, but gas = flammable?
  16. First off, a lot of kush strains have a chemically gasoline kind of taste... freaked me out first time I tried some. Second if it was dipped in gasoline it would have long evaporated, but if it didn't then your eyebrows would be singed off. ;) So no I highly doubt your bud is laced.
  17. noob is just smoking weed
  18. Haha dude it probably wasn't laced just good bud a couple years back some kids got caught smoking weed at my high school and they were acting really weird when they found them supposedly so they tested the weed and it was laced with meth haha scary shit it was a huge story in my town the Denver post made an article
  19. [​IMG]
  20. yea i concluded its just good bud, and btw to the ppl saying i'm a noob and its just fire, stfu i know what fire shit is and i'm not a noob. i just never tasted gasoline when i exhale, u would think somethings up if you did too..

    packin another bowl atm...


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