I left my dad in charge....wth!

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  1. long story short, I took the wife and kids to the cottage for 5 days. Got back today. While gone I asked my old man to water the plants for me using the prepped jugs of water I put by the plants.
    Got home today to discover.....
    1. My three plants in veg cabinet to have nearly tripled in size. Picture of one of them and my hand showing where it’s size was before I left.

    2. My single clone that I cut 7 days ago. Normally I don’t see a root until 9 or 10th day. But I asked him to spray it a little each day to wet leaves. Picture attached to what it looks like on day 7.

    3. My flower room, the height of them doubled in size and the colas on my one autoflower easily doubled in size. Pictures attached. My hand showing where their height was before I left

    Here’s the kicker. The jugs I prepared haven’t been touched but their soil is moist so he’s been watering. How did this happen?
    I know when he was a kid his family grew fruits and vegetables to earn a living but used well water and compost. Is this how they would react if he’s just been giving them straight high ph water from my tap while i was gone? I’m still a beginner grower so I don’t know whether or not to be amazed by this lol.
    Tried calling him but no answer.

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  2. You should let him take care of them more often.
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  3. The Ol'Man must know a thing or two...LOL
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  4. Help him set up a grow rig for himself..
  5. The old man clearly has good plant Juju. I swear some people just thrive with plants/
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  6. Maybe he's trying to tell you that you have been over-feeding.
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  7. My plants responded more to frequent watering with pure water. I didn't notice it when they first went into their final pots, but once the plants got big enough they started soaking up whatever water I could give them. I'm up to pretty much daily watering, depending on weather. They drink a lot when they do get watered. I believe more cycles of wet and dry really help the plants out.
  8. He did text me back in senior citizen style texting, saying I’m over-watering and he only watered everything using one of the jugs for all the plants just yesterday, and after the buckets got light enough. So I don’t know, but I’m going over photos I took on August 21st and I can’t believe the difference.
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  9. Going by the weight of the buckets is a very good way to go. That's how I judge my plants, plus I keep the top bit of soil stirred up so I can get an idea of how dried out it is. Frequent watering when it's able to soak up water is better than lots of water once a week or lots of water and the pot stays moist forever.
  10. They are also in stretch, that's one thing to consider. My plants got significantly taller quite rapidly when they started to flower.
  11. Yeah when they begin to flower, they can double in size for sure in a short period!

    Also overwatering is common and an easy thing to do, unfortunetly, all a learning experience

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