I learned it by watching you

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  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-Elr5K2Vuo]YouTube - "I Learned It By Watching You" Anti-Drug PSA[/ame]

    Who taught you how to hide this stuff?
    YOU ALRIGHT! I learned it by watching you...
    Parents who have shitty stash spots have children with shitty stash spots.

    Now it's your turn, make up a funny ending or something!
  2. Lollll.

    "Son, you're grounded.
    But lets smoke this fatttttttttt J!!!!"

  3. Father: Who, Who taught you how to do this stuff?!

    Son: Dad I'm sorry, I just...

    Father: Damn Skippy you're sorry boy! Now I'm going to ask you again: who taught you how to buy this shit!? I mean who in the hell told you this was good weed?!!! Look at the beans and logs in there! It's the wrong color and loose as hell- you ought to be ashamed of yourself if you paid more than 3 dollars for this! Is this where your allowance goes?

    Son: But I thought it was

    Father: I don't want to hear it. You EMBERRASS me! If you can't tell the difference between dankity dank and these lawn clippings then I guess I'm gonna have to sit you down here and as your punishment- we're going to smoke the whole bag!

    Son: The whole thing! But it's so harsh and uncured...

    Father: Enough of that- get your papers. When I'm done with you you're going to smoke real mans weed just like your father...

    ********Parents with shitty connects have children with shitty connects. Talk to your kids early about the importance of good marijuana as a part of an uplifting and cohesive adolescent experience**********

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