I laughed at this - and i thought I would share

Discussion in 'General' started by icapture, May 31, 2009.

  1. So here I am working on a floor plan on a saturday night (lucky me) and I grab my trusty HP12C calculator. It doesnt turn on, so I check the back of the calculator and see this:


    I think to myself, "perhaps your business partner needed batteries for his 12C so maybe he took em." Then I notice that the little black back for the battery box is missing. I say outloud, "if you lost my battery back i am going to fucking kill you." dont worry, I said it calmly and under my breath, i didnt make some huge scene.

    I go in his desk, grab his, turn it on, it worked, so i turned it over and SHOCKINGLY I see this:


    Thanks John, your a bastard. But I forgive you - because of you Im making more money than I used to.
  2. Maybe i am stupid but i don't understand what your getting at.
  3. that my partner not only lost my shit when stealing batteries from me, but he also lost his shit too. I just found it funny at the time and thought i would share.
  4. Someone stole his batteries i think
  5. this actually makes no sense
  6. He's saying his co-worker or whatever stole the cover to his calculator's battery compartment so he went over to his desk to get it back and then he realized that his co-worker had not only lost the OP's battery cover, but also his own.
  7. but how does he know that his co-worker did, in fact steal it from him
    thats teh confusing part lol
  8. I guess maybe there are only two people working there? Or just figured nobody besides him would have a reason to......it doesn't really make sense to me either haha it seems a little bit inconsistent unless he just didn't get around to putting the cover on yet
  9. I thought there was going to be weed in the battery place lol :rolleyes:
  10. well im glad im not the only one that was confused by this ahha
    that would be sick if there was weed in there
    i think we should pretend there was:p
  11. wait, so now three people are missing their battery cover???

    oh no! there must be a battery compartment cover stealing troll in your building somewhere!!! Find it, before some one else has to sacrifice another battery compartment cover!

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