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i know why critter really deletes his old threads....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by highawatha, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. i was doing some very old digging..some of you might know where...omg you guys are sooooo funny. you may thank me for not bringing a few of them here. it was quite a trip down the old lane and many many good laughs. and lotsa embarassing stuff..lots for all of us,cept........one person.
    hhhhmmmm. me mates a smartie :D
    dont worry critter im still lookin
  2. werent me....but damn mate i like your "happy shirt" very cool
  3. oh critter me boy BOY...you are on! :D
  4. *edit no pictures please :)
    then were ON :D
  5. changed mah mind already....i remember too much of that silly,silly stuff i use to write....
    you win :D
  6. I'll give you a quarter if you send me a pic of your boobies :D
  7. By deleting old post....... People can't bring back the memories of critter back then.. HAHA

    Critter has always been a good friend in my book.. I just can't prove it by his post!

    Highya on the other hand.... Has post to show herself!!LOL
  8. the thought of going round and deleting AAlll the crazy shit i wrote makes my head spin...
    i's too lazy....
    but dont worry bud head
    i saw many of yours too :D
  9. I never posted anything that would incriminate me I hope.. I just love all you sexy stoner women...

    My life revolves around you beautifull babes!!!!!
  10. you aslo posted alot of funnny stuff bud head too, sides chasina all the ladies.
    i saved some of the good ones :) just in case you get any silly ideas :D

    and btw, my pools green again for winter *huge smile
    some things never change.

  11. im now up to one miiiiilllllion dollars, courtisy of dr. evil
  12. all my stupid shit stays.... except double posts. thats the only thing i delete.

    ... but then there was that pictuer the internet sea monkies got hold off.
  13. scatches head and wonders :D
  14. Seems l won the arguement without a single posts ,lol.:D

  15. i burst into laughter from that... madde my day... like during mardi gras... except instead of a quarter its some 10 cent plastic beads... heh good times..

  16. you silly head you did post and delete it AGAIN :D
    makes it look like im talkin to myslef....i do, do that but not here on the forum.
    you's soooo craaazy....lol
  17. LOL, we'll get ya good one of these days Critter. :D

  18. Use the quote button.. he has to edit all of the quoted psot individually!

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