I know what 2012 will be........................

Discussion in 'General' started by RWK Nova, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. 2012 will be the year marijuana gets legalized and the whole world just lights a huge ass blunt and smokes.:hello::hello::hello: Changing the world forever..:hello:
  2. well, if thats the case then...

    2013 = massive food shortage
  3. mj will never EVER be legalized nationwide. as unfortunate as that is, it is the truth. keep in mind, there are some states that are so socially unprogressive, possession of sex toys is illegal. and there are still counties that won't even sell alcohol.

    i think more states will continue to pass med. mj laws and allow people with a doctor's recommendation to possess/use it. however, i also think the feds will continue to raid the dispensaries and growers. obama lied and said it would stop but it's still going on.

    there is the possibility california might legalize it all together, but i think widespread complete legalization is just a pipedream.
  4. agree 100% i think at best a few of the states besides california with suffering economies may see the legalization of marijuana, but i simply don't see nationwide legalization, let alone worldwide.
  5. Really i didn't know in some states you cant have sex toys. now that gives me a thought about the society
  6. haha looking through my old threads I see this, Wow I predicted the future for colorodo and Washington. I thank myself for what I did 2 years ago.
  7. So how the fuck did you manage to predict this in 2010?

  8. Good instinct and a lucky guess
  9. Wow a lot of people are banned these days..

    Also thats pretty cool. make another one for 2014 and we will check back and if you are right then I'll be convinced.
  10. it's already the end of 2012
  11. Fuckin Cali man :(
  12. You ungrateful fuck :laughing:

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