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I know weed isn't a hallucinogen, but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DerekxD, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I just got a blacklight like 2 days ago. Tonight was my first time having it light up my room. Its makes things in my room glow. I know weed isn't a hallucinogen, but I literally felt myself floating in space and the glowing objects around me were planets.

    I have these new sheets for my bed. They have a repeating vine design all over them. So the space inbetween the vines was white, which glows. I got the great idea to take off my shorts since my boxer briefs were a really light blue and would blend in. So once I layed down and they were blending in, i felt like my thighs were melting into the bed. My wall had little glowing white dots on them, so I felt like I was in the center of the universe spinning around looking at the stars.

    I was also listening to this song:

    Is this a normal thing when high, or am I just going crazy?
  2. idk, but i get really intense closed eye visuals when im really baked.
  3. idk lol. i have a blacklight and i've got some pretty trippy posters up. never have i felt like this. from smokin weed at least.:rolleyes:

  4. sounds just got fucking baked:hello:
  5. I got some blacklights and trippy posters for my dorm. I tried them out and it was amazing...
  6. weed is a hallucinogen, just a mild one. Sativas have stronger psychedelic effects so they would considered more to be a hallucinogen. Here's proof-can you really know what it's like to be high on weed without trying it? psychedelic-basically opens up the mind, or shows the user parts of the mind previously unknown. Translation-there's no way you can feel the effects of weed without trying the real, natural thing. that's why marinol, synthetics like k2, etc. don't work.
  7. First of all, great fuckin song!

    Second, whenever I listen to music like that and close my eyes I feel like I'm being sucked into my mind and I get VERY intense CEVs. Sometimes it's scary and sometimes I enjoy it, really just depends on my mood.

  8. repping you man for saying what i was too stoned to think of :cool:
  9. #9 DerekxD, Aug 10, 2011
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    I think there was a big placebo in place since I was so exited to see what this blacklight felt like while high. I have never been that baked in my life. That shit was intense.

    Thats exactly what happens to me. It's just never been that intense.

  10. lol thanks. I find weed helps me to have those kinds of thoughts. Like, it's almost as if my critical thinking skills improve. I heard weed can help you create new connections in your brain, that's gotta be true. Smoke on :) (even tho I'm dry and sober now, just you wait till college + job + all the dank connections in charlotte) :):smoke:
  11. That happens to me if a relax and close my eyes as I'm baked
  12. I completely agree with what Exodus said and it just sounds like you got really pied my fellow blade. Not that i didnt think so before but, weed is quite the drug:smoke:
  13. #13 sammicsee, Aug 10, 2011
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    You mean quite the plant. Drugs are a whole different animal then weed. Haha just sayin :smoke:
  14. I fall at 10 million miles an hour when I'm super ripped when I close my eyes and get intense visuals. The falling feeling sends euphoria through my spine and through my body to where I'm just shaking with pure joy, like a full body orgasm) That gets more intense every second until it's so intense that I have to stop. Best feeling ever. But I only been this high once and it was my first time... I have been chasing the dragon since.
  15. I have glow in the dark stars and planets and shit on my roof from when my sister was young and once after smoking some really good herb I couldn't see where the walls met the roof 'cause it was real dark and I felt like I was floating on my bed in space. It was sweet.

  16. You explained the feeling very well.:D I got this ripped a couple months ago. I scrapped my bowl and got a very nice ball of resin. Didnt even finish the whole bowl and was ripped out of my mind. Body orgasm and was falling into wonderland. Only been this high twice... its amazing. The euphoria is like waves pouncing through my body. Happy beyond happy and nodding heavy. Wow, i want this again haha
  17. Yeah, I smoked at 2 PM that day and I past out at 4 PM for 2 days though. I wish I would have stayed awake, when I went to the bathroom to see my bleeding burning eyes everytime I looked down I went into a different state of mind no joke, I kept just looking up and down and changing every feeling and thought in my body.. I thought I was going to die and I had burnt my lungs (legitly did, they hurt for a week)
  18. Like the 3rd time I ever got high, what you guys are talking about, with the basically body orgasm, + being transporting back to my fucking childhood is wat I experienced. I remember being with my best friends baked as hell and just laying back and seeing this weird dream like image of particles sort of, like flowing through my brain. For some reason, this image had extreme emotional significance to me, like I was viewing my soul. Motherfucking hell, now THAT is what feels fucking good. Life is worth living for THAT feeling hahaehaha.
  19. Ok if you wanna have a crazy trip look up some good Trance music and make a playlist that can continuously play. In a dark room lay down and just relax your body. Just focus on the music and after a couple minutes you start to get out of body experiences. You can have some insane CEVs doing this I've seen some VERY trippy shit.

  20. sounds cool lol. Like some sort of mild ganzfeld effect. I know trance is actually based on shamanic drums and such that can induce spiritual experiences. Trance fucking rocks.

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