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  1. But what does it mean when it refers to cerebral high? I am working on becoming a medical grower and I need to pick out my strains with a few things in mind. 1 I need a strain that works on pain, and 2 one that works on depression. They need to have the same grow time and size too. Any ideas from the experts would be great. Oh yah, when you buy seeds, how many do you get? one?
  2. There are a lot of experienced growers here who can help elaborate, but to start you off, generally a "cerebral" or head high is related around the Sativa-dominant strains, which tend to affect you more in your head, vs. the Indica-dominant strains that tend to give you more of the "body" high.

    Sativas tend to give you a bit more energy and clearer mind while high, and Indicas tend to give you more of the "couch-lock" feeling (which is probably better for pain management, but I'll let the experts ring in/confirm that)

    Hope this helps. You can probably look up a LOT of info from GSC (Granny Storm Crow) here, she has a LOT of great information on MMJ use.
  3. headband..great for pain....check out tga sub cool gear...great genetics and im sure your gonna find what your lookin' for...take a look at there stuff on attitude seed bank:smoke:
  4. If you search through the forum there are plenty of Threads about what strain does what and also reviews on seed banks. It depends on the bank but ive seen mostly packs of 10.
  5. Look into some of the white strains. Rhino, widow...good for pain and anxiety.

  6. Wow - great info. Been thinking about getting into MMJ too, and this is a great piece of advice.

    You rock.
  7. and bro...i hate the thread title..it aint stupid...your just gettin' goin...now if you asked this 4 months in a row:D...thats stupid..give yourself a break...there plenty of people ta rip ya here without doin' it yourself...lol:smoke:...peace deacon

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