I know this is recreational but it's important.

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  1. How fast can a cop get a search warrant because don't they have to be ok'd by a judge?
  2. the exact same amount of time it took to create this thread.

    jk, i have no idea.
  3. The process may take 20 minutes to a few hours I hear

    yeah, its been 20 min since you posted. you better get rid of your shit if someones-a knockin at your door

    Make sure you see the warrant
  4. actually you are right on.

    these days they can be issues in viturally no time.

    there is an eposode of "Cops" where they knock at a door... no answer... radio in a request for a warrent.. it was issued in a matter of minutes.. and walla.. the door got busted in.
  5. thats fuckin nuts. i didnt know that!
  6. I wasn't getting kaiboshed by the cops I was just wondering for future refrence.
  7. hahaha, the nature of the opening post in the thread is so alarming

    i was sure it was because you yourself were in that situation.
  8. umm i'm pretty sure the reason the Cops got the warrent so fast was because their operator was already on the line and it was a big bust (probably pre planned or they knew in advance they might need a warrant)

    if they just pull you over from the road or the street, it'd probably take a lot onger since they have to explain the situation and everything
  9. yep that they do

  10. It's 'voilà', not 'walla'! Sorry, I see this too much, and it bugs the crap out of me.
  11. Yep, it used to take hours, but now they can get it in a few minutes. Sucks, i know... Just have a really quick way to get rid of everything, lol

  12. if you get pulled over n they ask to search your car, ur just fucked cuz if you say no they'll just impound your car until they get a warrant. so just make sure ur damn quick n smart about hiding shit when you get pulled over

  13. I love it! A kindred spirit! I don't point out half the stuff that I see that bugs the crap out of me... glad to see I can rely on someone else to point out what I don't... :D :hello: :cool:

  14. i don't think they can impound your car unless they arrest you. also, not consenting to a search is not grounds for probable cause.
  15. yea, warrents can be issued relativly quickly, and hell, if your mean to a cop and he wants to search your car without probable cause, then why not just make you sit in your car for 2 hours waiting to get a warrent, or better, a fucking dog. Most cops are sooo corrupt it doenst matter, all they have to do is "see" somen, like a seed on your floor, get one of there fucking friends thats a cop with them there to second it, and "voila" they can search that fucker with probable cause. FUCK COPS!
  16. such a silly goose

    but search warrant for houses are a little more tricky to get than for cars...crooked cops can "smell" something and dig through your shit...if they find it...are you really gonna complain that they took your pot?

  17. but with the whole patriot act now the officer can simply say that u are a suspected terrorist or he suspects u are and then he can search what he wants

    and if im not mistaken now, you can be detained and not be told the crime you have committed for 48 hours and can be held in custody
  18. *cough* Revolt *cough*


    Ahhh damn..........
  19. i read in like a 50 cent interview that he had a crackhouse with buckets full of acid and if it ever got raided they would just slide everything off the table into the acid. I dont know if thats possible but it sounds pretty sick.

  20. if there's one thing that bothers me... it's people using "your" and "you're" incorrectly. also people using "they're" "their" "there" incorrectly. I seldom act to point out peoples' mistakes just because if I did, I'd have to do it every 5 seconds. It doesn't really bother me per say, but it does make me wish I could teach grammar school. hahahaha.

    Hey... "Per say"

    Somebody has GOT to tell me how to spell that. i see it spelled all sorts of ways on the forum... and "per say" just seems to simple and stupid to be right. Sounds like a foreign word to me. Somebody remedy the confusion about this word! But remedy it right!

    Or I'll kill you. :D lol

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