I know someone's going to cheat but...

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  1. Anyone know the correct spelling of the letter "Y" without looking it up first?

    I always found this interesting. :)

    Let's see how long it goes before someone spoils it for everyone else...
  2. I'm going to guess "wye"
  3. Any reason for that particular guess?
  4. My guess is also "wye". If not that, then "Wy".

    Why would make give the letter an "H" sound to it.

    Wie is another possibility but to some that is pronounced "Wee"
  5. Wei?
    lol not Vei
  6. I just thought it was 'Y'...didn't know there was a way to spell letters :confused_2:
  7. ^yes its spelled Y
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    Definitely - you can spell "N" - "en" - or "M" - "em".

    Btw, these work in Scrabble so brush up on them. ;)

    I'll reveal the answer after 10 posts, regardless of whether anyone got it.

    Err... so after the next guess...
  9. That's a good guess, but as two people guessed, it is indeed "wye".
  10. i'll go with why..

    Dammit. Too late.
  11. NO FAIR!!! You looked it up....;)
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    My thread of course. :) But yeah, I learned it a long time ago playing Scrabble. :p

    In some cities or towns you'll be on a street with the name "J Street" or whatever and on buildings you see "Jay Street".
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    You fucking cheated!!! :p

    That is just another way of spelling. Really, "Y" Is the right answer.
  14. You would know the answer to that if you are an electrical engineer. Can anyone guess why this is?

  15. Interesting...

    wish I had someone around here with brains enough to actually play me a game of scrabble...lol...ain't played that since I was a kid
  16. I really didn't look it up until after I posted

    I rejected "why" because it seemed obvious, and the H sound didn't seem to fit. I also considered "wy" with the bar over the Y that makes it a long sound.

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