I know nothing about eletricity....

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  1. Hi! I'm very close to starting my grow room 10x10x10.

    My questions:

    1. How do I actually test how much amperage my breaker can take without shutting down? (idk if i even said that right)

    I'm using 1 1000watt ballast with surge protector, but only running a 600HPS.
    I MIGHT need to use a 1000BTU Air Conditioner. (I do not know yet but its possible)
    My reflector has a cooling tube and I will be running a Hydrofarm active air 6 inch in-line fan 400 cfm to take the heat out. Also another around 400cfm fan to get air into the room from the other end. idk which yet.
    But is this stuff added up fine for an average household to run at once? I know ZERO about how this works really...

  2. I'm considering running a dedicated circuit to my grow box also. I'd like to know how to do this also. Anyone?
  3. not getting much help theses days lol

  4. add up your amperage and never exceed 85% of breakers rating
  5. well it is simply adding a breaker and running wire
    but to give you better advice need more info
  6. or a electrician can help them
  7. Ok I have to chime in. Please be safe when doing your electrical installs. Make safe connections or if you don't feel confident, hire a trust worthy electrician. We don't need more people in the news burning down houses or almost killing your loved ones. It makes the industry look bad. Call around and find a good shop. If you're mature, licensed and legit you shouldn't have a problem.

    But to answer your question. 1000 watt lamp draws roughly 8amps @ 120v. 4" in fan draws about half an amp and if you did add an air conditioner they draw about 13amps at 120v.

    So safely you would need a 30amp circuit. Remember 85% of the breaker total. That fan and light are running almost constantly. So if things are running almost 24/7 I would keep it at around 75% ( but that's me and always over killing things)

    15a circuit=12amps max ( average house circuit)
    20a circuit= 16amps max

    And NEVER EVER UP SIZE YOUR BREAKER JUST BECAUSE IT TRIPS ALOT! Add another circuit or minimize.

    And yes I'm a licensed electrician. Over all keep it safe and keep it green.
  8. Keep in mind that it is not safe to swap a 20 amp breaker out for a 30 amp breaker. When drawing more amps, you must use heavier gauge wire. The wire that is used for household recepticals is generally 12 gauge wire which is typically run off of a 20 amp breaker. Lighting is usually run off of a 15 amp breaker and uses 14 gauge wire which is smaller than 12. For a 30 amp breaker, you must use wire that is rated to handle an amp draw of that magnitude which would be 10 gauge wire...(check electrical code). However, if you have existing electrical outlets in the room and it is not enough(keeps popping the breaker), you can add a circuit (provided you have space in your electrical panel for another breaker), and with another 20 amp dedicated breaker and receptical, you should have plenty of room to play. By the way, the reason that you cannot swap a 20 for a 30 is the wire will start to heat up and can catch fire!!!!!

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