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I know my neighbors smoke, but....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Metal_Rain, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Well here's the rundown. My dealer joined the army. I got another one. He got busted. Now I have zilch. For the past 3 weeks, I've been noticing my neighbors smoking outside. I was pretty sure they were smoking ganj because of they really just don't play it off well. Earlier today, while I was building a cabinet outside, I saw them swapping hits out of a pipe. They came back outside later and they were smoking out of a small bong. They tried to keep it discreet, but a hunter's eyes cannot be deceived (lolz....I crack me up). Anyway, the point is that they're toking it up. Before I was 60% sure, now I'm 95% sure.

    Should I go introduce myself? I thought about inviting them out to eat with my girlfriend and I (they're a couple as well), but what do you guys think? They definitely seem like nice people (they smoke. that makes them nice, right?), but I can get pretty nervous when it comes to new people. What do you guys think? Is it worth a shot to try and get a hookup through them, or should I respect their privacy under the idea that they may not want anyone else to know?

    One other thing to add is that a police officer lives on the opposite corner from my home, and across the street from them. I want to warn them to be more careful. Should I leave 'em a note? It was pretty obvious to me that they were smoking. I take my hits indoors, then walk outside and exhale. No way anybody suspects shit.
  2. go bake some cookies or something and introduce your self with a friendly greeting or ya invite them out to dinner. Don't be nervous, if they smoke, they'll be cool about you asking them if they do as long as you tell them you do to. Definnatly warn them about the cop, you could save them.
  3. ^what he said except make canna-cookies
  4. was that you spying on me n the wifey!? damn i almost had a heart attack!:mad:

    lmao jk :rolleyes:
  5. Just go up and ring the door bell and be like just so you know theres a cop that lives across the street, and yall are pretty obvious. And then whip out a blunt :hello:
  6. I think you might live next door to me lmao.
  7. I vote CannaCookies and go from there
  8. Like it was suggested I would just go ring there doorbell and introduce yourself, and go from there about the cop, and how you smoke too
  9. personally, i live next to a neighbor, and he doesnt say anything. Off duty cops are going to try to bust you in their free time.
  10. Use the cop as a convo starter, say you smelt ganja
  11. Don't we all, don't we all...
  12. i think you should invite them over for drinks and like a dessert or just make em a cake bring it over with the girlfriend and start chatting away.
  13. JESUS that was fast! I left to make a supply run, come back, and there are 11 replies! I love this forum! You guys kick ass, seriously. Thanks everybody.

    I think my goal will be to go knock and introduce myself, then let them know I noticed them toking today. Then immediately let them know it's cool, I toke as well. I'll bring them some brownies or cookies, but add that unfortunately, since my dealer is kaput, they are not space cookies or brownies. That should key them in to my dilemma.

    Hehe, they were smoking it up again when I got home from my run. This time the chick was coughing, lol. Now I'm 99.99999% sure! I'll update if I get around to doing this tomorrow.
  14. You might as well try they sound like nice guys. Plus if you warn them about the cop they will probably be so greatful they'll shout you a sesh or something!
  15. you should just go through with some brownies and be like "hey this spot is hot, a cop lives right across the street, instead of smoking lets pop these brownies and go inside and hotbox :smoke:"
  16. If my neighbors smoke, I'll make sure we introduce each other and make stoner comments.

    "Oh hey I gotta get back in for 4:20, making some munchies" or something along those lines.

    I had a neighbor who smoked a while ago, he straight up just asked me, so you could probally do the same.
  17. Drink some beers before to smooth over the meeting and then just offer to blaze an shit:D
  18. Hava Joint in ur ear or sumthin, n drop it lol, so hes like wtfs that, n be like ummmm its DANK WANA SMOKE IT? LOL. :smoke:
  19. i wish i had neighbors that smoked. all the people around me are oldies
  20. I'd wait untill you see them smoking outside and about 15 mins after they go inside, take the cookies round to them and they will be happy to see you :)

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