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I know its prolly been asked a million times but...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tinkerbell26, Oct 6, 2008.

  1. Hey ive never done it b4..ok soon ill have a job and a car of my own. More than likely i will be picking up my usual quarter....where do hide it in my car? Ive thought about since i sell avon and i have a big back avon bag to just stash it in pill bottles( to keep the smell away) in the bottom of the bag with a bunch of avon books on top(i usually have like 100 of em seriously lol) and stashing it in the trunk. Does this sound like a good plan? Anything else you guys would suggest would be helpful...BTW i have all sorts of girly items i could hide it in i just need some ideas. Im asking now so ill know what to do when the time comes.
  2. I've never bothered with hiding it other than making sure it's not in plain view. Just follow the traffic rules and you should be fine. Don't give them a reason to pull you over.
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    what she said^

    but i would also suggest that if you have so many books, to get an old dictionary or somthing and hollow it out to make a book safe and just keep it with the stack so its not suspicious.. although if the stack fell over and book fell open that could be bad. other than that tho if you have so much girly crap you might just wanna kick it with a bowl and get creative, maybe if you open the top of an old hairspray bottle and clean it out?
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  5. pill bottles are fine, and anything as airtight as pill bottles, you should be able to hide it easily it seems with all those bags, so dont worry bout it too much
  6. i keep my bud in an old camera film bottle. it's opaque so you can't see through it like with pill bottles :D

    then i keep that locked in my glove compartment when im not in the car or in my center console when im driving/using it
  7. Honestly, it's no big deal keeping it in your car. Basically the only rules are 1) Keep it out of line of sight, 2) Don't be dumb and stash it with your proof of insurance/registration and 3) Don't give them a reason to pull you over, and if they do, don't give them a reason to search your car. I keep my bud in a pill bottle (I get it from a dispensary) and the smell is not a problem at all, and I keep it in my center console. Perfect spot for me.
  8. if youre inventive enough you can make stash spots all over your car,
    behind air vents, inside the steerin wheel, behind light fittings,
    ive seen all of these as working stash spots.
  9. never have weed on you ever. it screws you if you get caught its a pain in the asshole. find somewhere in the woods or somewhere where no one goes and hide your stash there, and just go there whenever you need and smoke there.
  10. your kidding us right? some of us have jobs n shit we dont time to have a picknick bitch!
  11. while i agree that his idea was totally stupid u dont have to go and call him a bitch. i dont believe the blades here enjoy reading threads were people are saying shit like that

  12. Thats a good piece of advice for high school kids. When I lived at home with my parents I just hid it in my room. If you are over 18 (which you should be to post here) your parents should not be snooping in your room anymore. As for the car hiding sports Cops have seen it all. I saw one search my buddies car and found his stash that he hid in his dome light, he just took it off like he knew it would there. Buy a stash bottle or stash can. Google it.
  13. In the panels of your door.. or some car seats will lift up just enough.. :-o
  14. perhaps rip a small slit underneath your seat and stuff it up and in there. maybe have some of that foam padding covering. remember though, small slit. and make the slit like right on the metal part of the seat underneath you know?
  15. just dont forget which bottle you put it in..
    some ol lady you sell avon to, might think
    she gon get a litle extra *sumthin* everytime she
    buy some from you if you give her the wrong bottle. lol

    nah, but if u got a pull down arm rest
    in your backseat, throw it in there.
  16. this guy is right. just follow this and you shouldn't be worried...unless it's drug dogs you are hiding it from...
  17. Ok so would the avon bag in the trunk be suspicious? or would a person/cop think hmmm she sell avon. Like seriously guys i have a LOT of avon shit lol.....i have like a million books they even sell a really big (they say holds over a 500 books) avon bag. So would it be safe to put the pill bottle at the bottom of the bag be ok? maybe if i have two avon bags ....:confused:...this pick up stuff is hard...i usually have a friend drive me but imma be on my own now ...this is hard glad yall are here to help ha ha ....would it be less suspicious if i have a friend with me? should the frend be guy or girl? We live in the south so i have to ask if its a guy should he be the same race...hey im not saying its right but some southern cops are racist jackasses.
  18. hey girl just buy some baby food and use the jars to store you nuggets. No one would be suspicious of a girl buyin gerber baby food except your mom. I use gerber jars to transport nuggets, and i have these sweet wooden lids to go on the metal jar lids so they dont even look like baby food jars.
  19. You know ive never thought of that one...thats you think i should still hide it in the avon bag though? or is there a better place to hide it...i also like the cuttling a slit in the car seat and putting the bottle in it
  20. I wouldnt ruin a car seat....

    a baby jar will contain odor perfectly....and a baby jar of weed in a bag of make up stuff would be pretty inconspicuous......I just keep jars in my bookbag...glovebox...centerconsole...anywhere out of sight...

    I would still be kind of leary driving around with stuff though and keep it to a minimum

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