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  1. i had a shity 420. I smoked before i went to school with some people i thought were my friends. about halfway through my first period i got taken up to the office. i waited in a seperate room for like an hour the my vice princpal called me in and told me that i was "smoking pot" and i denied everything but she said she had three signed statements from the people i was with. they searched my bag and my car and didnt find anything, except for some papers and visine. but they kicked me out anyway. all the people i thought were my friends ratted on me, and they said i was selling, which i wasnt at all, so now thats on my fucking record.
  2. smash these fuckin kids,every rat needs to get the shit kicked outta them till they dont wont rat no more
  3. Violence really isn't the answer. It happened, and it sucks ass. Just know that you're better than that.

    I know from experience that your "friends" are never really your friends unless they go out of their way to do something nice for ya.
  4. i feel bad for you but it comes along with smokin ya know i mean thier are certain risks we take, and if you happen to be unlucky and get shafted by douchebag kids well its just wasnt your day and move on ya know just blackmail them or something haha like send thier parents a letter saying where they hide thier pot and get em caught bad
  5. Man that sucks. I'm :smoking: so I nearly cried when I was reading this. People fucking suck. Lets hope fate will be postitive in the future.
  6. Realy? Wow, honestly i felt like beating the fuck out of the little pricks myself a second ago.. But i didnt think you could get in trouble like that.. If they didnt find anything i dont think they could even bust you..

    They should be trying to help drug abusers instead of punishing them!
    Just kidding... but schools realy need to change their attitude about this kinda stuff. I woulda thought they cared so much about our education that they would atleast try to help you out, instead of putting it on your record.. Our government spends so much money on the war against drugs, and gives so much money to schools, and they say they care about our future and education.. But then they turn their heads and fuck up someones day without any proof..
  7. Violence may not solve the problem, and what goes around comes around, but vengeance can be so sweet.

  8. yeah i know it comes with the territory and i may be a dumb ass for doing it at all but it was 420 and i was off campus so getting in trouble was just sort of a kick in the balls. also the people that i was with were people i thought were my friends, and all of them were bitch snitches. that sucks.
  9. they'll get theirs. Its all about karma. :cool:
  10. i'm not a violent person, i've never been in a fight before, but i dont think anyone deserves, getting fucked up more that they do
  11. Visine and papers? I'd make an appeal to the school. Just say the signed statements were from a previous grudge, you roll your own cigarettes and you have alergies.

    If all else fails, beat the shit out of the rats.

  12. when i got ratted out i didn't need to kick the shit out of anyone, like everyone who knew me (not even like friends) beat the kids up and scared them to annother school becasue i'm suck a nice guy to everyone and thoes kids who ratted on me were the only reason i was suspended. Like the principals who busted the pit (as me and my friend booked it) didn't even know we were their untill some kids (tokers even) who weren't even in trouble ratted me and my friend out.

    I almost got that kid good though. When i found out it was him i was just telling the principals and everyone that thoes guys were smoking meth at lunch so their probably just paranoid. but i got suspended with no concrete evedence and they got off free, well their parents got told that their son was reportable smoking meth so i was a bit happy for that.

  13. Uhhh... you must live in Canada. :rolleyes:
  14. Maybe I'm fortunate but I usually know who's trustworthy and who's not. I can tell sketchy people from chill people. Usually with the sketchy people, I have a feeling of paranoia when around them. Sober and stoned. But I do my best not to associate myself with untrustworthy people. Unfortunately though I got friends that bring them around. Who a person is can easily be identified by the way they look. Yeah, it's true. Plus their eyes. It's not one or the other, it's both together. Also, how they talk, and what they say about other people. Back when I was in school there were kids at "smokers corner". Very rarely we're their sketchy people there. I could hand a dub to a person I barely knew and ask them to hold onto it for a bit. They would, and I would get it back no problem.

    I think why I'm able to seek out good from bad is the fact that I'm usually silent. I'm very aware. So by the time I talk to people I've already learned about them by listening to conversations. You can call it eavesdropping, but most of the time I can't help but hear it.

    Plus in an environment like a school, you learn a lot about people through the grapevine. True it's often altered, but theres always a hint of truth still to be found.

    So choose friends wisely, everyone else is just an aquiantence.

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