I know its been asked a million times - how to find weed

Discussion in 'General' started by BigAssSack, Oct 31, 2013.

  1. I have no idea where to go, I've hit up everyone I know of that might be able to hook me up, and hit dead ends everytime. I even sunk so low as to dig around Craigslist looking for at least some swag, but came up empty.

    I got nothing to do tonight, wife is at work, got all night to chill, I would just about choke a bitch for just a couple pinches. What is a man to do?

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  2. Damn man I wish you
    Could have my dealer, but I feel you on not havin someone, I was there. Good luck

  3. well, if it was day time i would suggest going to a corner shop or smoke shop and asking someone there, but seeing as it is night i would have to say you are shit out of luck sir. 
  4. Get a MMC and smoke up playa. 
  5. Ehh just chill for a few days and someone will surely get some more, then buy some nice bulkage

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  6. Maybe your wife knows some one at work

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  7. If you provide more information about yourself we can help help you a little better.  In college, old enough to go to bar, whats your work like?  
  8. Pizza delivery guy, grocery store workers, dispensaries, the street corner, etc.
  9. The line of work she's in is not at all friendly towards our kind, lol! Not traditionally, anyhow.

    I'm gonna root through my ash trays in hopes of finding something with maybe a little color to it, I don't need to get couched, just need to clear my head and relax a bit before bed, stress is a bitch!

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  10. Hopefully you get some soon. I am in the same boat. I'm a college student though. I need some insight too!
  11. Work is cool, don't ask don't tell, I'm 30, have access to plenty of bars and corner stores, but I live in a small community, everyone knows everyone, and we'll just say I'm pretty involved in community affairs, so to go ask around at the bars here isn't a really good idea...

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  12. Go to the next town over.

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  13. My community affairs generally include neighboring communities as well. I would have to drive a good distance to clear the "hot zone" so to speak.

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    I know a place that can help you out bro. 602-904-5986
  15. I



    Shit out of luck Blade.
  16. Lol, thanks, still no luck...

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  17. Just yesterday I went down to a smokeshop next to a barbershop to get some cigarettes. It was like a rap music video, Gucci Mane was blasting out of the barbershop, there were 5 black dudes walking around at all times. Everyone was keepin it gangsta.
    When I went to leave, my car wouldn't start so I sat there for a little bit, started smoking a cigarette and some black dude walked up to me and just offered lol. Came through about an hour later too. 
  18. Lol it's funny, I've never had this problem. Here all the dealers annoy you with texts asking if you want weed :p
  19. I could help you out but I highly doubt you would be on board.
  20. Damn, you guys are bumming me out! Another night when I don't have to work and my wife is on the night shift, still can't find shit!

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