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I know I'm high when...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Braddock, May 14, 2011.

  1. I'm thinking this could be one of those [OFFICIAL] threads, and yes I did just get high, but this could be a great topic because everyone's body is different and everyone's unique.

    I know I'm high when...

    I get really hot all of a sudden and have slight dizziness
  2. I know I'm high after smoking marijuana.
  3. I know I'm high when I start looking around and turning my head a lot sharp and fast and becoming paranoid.
  4. Whenever I get really high and I close my eyes, I can see a series of pictures racing through my mind at probably 30 per second. I can never focus on one or any of them and determine what they are, but I just see a slide show of approximately 50 different images just racing. They start to blur together to form a picture due to them just switching so fast, but I cannot put my finger on or even try to describe the image. That's when I know I'm high :p
  5. I have tunnel vision and don't talk for extended periods of time. Usually it's just after I've smoked a few bowls.
  6. I know I'm high when I start to have those closed-eye visuals.
  7. I know I'm high once I look like a china man.
  8. I think to myself, oh my.. I'm a kite in the sky.
  9. I know I'm high when I smoke up, put on some beats, start dancing and pretend I'm rapping.
  10. i know im high when two and a half men is funny.
  11. Cant flick a bic
  12. +1 on the closed eye visuals. The better the strain, the better the visuals are. Headphones make them even better. I can always tell when I am stoned when I start "closed eye tripping".
  13. ...I can see everything soo vividly
  14. I know I'm high when I get horny really easily and smile at random crap for a long time.
  15. I know i'm high when life is that much better.
  16. [ame=]YouTube - Mike Epps - Dope Fen. Inappropriate Behavior .[/ame]
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    I know I'm high when laws are broken.
  18. When I feel it behind my eyes.
  19. I know I'm high when I have a reallly deep thought asking myself "hm, am I high?" and then after another hit I go "haha fuck yeah I'm roasted". I also know I'm high when I take my first hit and lean back in my chair and feel like a cloud is wrapping around me.
  20. I know I'm high when I go to the bank drive through and accidentally take the plastic tube and notice twenty minutes later...


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