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I know I'm High When

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by qdsfaewq, May 26, 2010.

  1. I went out into the kitchen to make a turkey sandwich, except I had to open a ziplock bag, that hadn't been broken, I fucking messed with that bitch for like 10 minutes, then just got sick of it and cut into the bag, then I had the same problem with the twist tie on the bread, was so fucking complicated it was bawfeling, almost cut that one too, but then I just concecrated, but I got my sandwich and sunny d
  2. I know Im high when my throat kind of feels like extra strong mints, so I don't have to cough anymore, and I can't feel the hot smoke from my pipe.

    Or when I start telling my fridgerator that Im going to eat its children ( the food inside of it), or its grandchildren (food inside the freezer).
  3. When I go to order a buffalo chicken quesadilla then stare at the woman making it so intently she starts laughing.
  4. i know im high when i can feel the tingling sensation in the back of my legs, or when i feel my eyes mildly straining.
  5. When I smoke Dro, I get that tingly feeling, but its throughout my ENTIRE body.
  6. When I first started smoking I used to call it getting superinflated because I felt like someone was pumping me full of air and my joints were all coming apart (in a non-painful way).
  7. i know im high when i get a boner :D.
  8. hell yea its awsome

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