I kissed the girl that friendzoned me.....

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  1. She says she likes another guy though. i've been friend zoned. and but she says she has feelings for means likes me but she also likes another guy she's known for 5 years and she says she's liked him longer than me.

    and she says she doesn't' want to hurt me by leading me on. She said she feels bad for kissing me because she knows I want to date her.

    but then she told me she dreamt of kissing me last night, and said that she light kissing me today.

    wtf. after this she is heading to that guys house that she likes also and they are watching a show together.....

    is this still hopeless? she almost cried. she says she feels so bad because she knows I like her and doesn't' want to be leading me on and also likes me but also likes this other guy and isn't ready to date.

    we kissed for a couple minutes in her car,and I hugged her.

    but I feel like i'm not getting anywhere, she obviously likes this other guy more than she likes me.
  2. i know the same chick, she let me smash
  3. fuck that bitch. She's a game player. Bust out the hax and wreck her!
  4. If you perform sex good upon her, you will win this battle. Start watching tutorials.
  5. Jesus Christ you make a thread about this girl once a week get over her it's getting sad now

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  6. Here we go again.
  8. but we kissed in her car today. she also paid for our lunch ( she just paid the bill before I had a chance to). she also hugged me for a long time

    but at the same time she told me she likes this other guy (which she is going to his house right now) and doesn't want to hurt me. and she said she has debated not talking to me anymore but she isn't good at it.

    but then after that she again told me she dreamt about kissing me last night and that she liked kissing me.
  9. as soon as i saw this thread was by you i immediately lol'd
  10. wait this isnt the first one?
  11. Bout fuckin time dude! Now you gotta play it cool. This is no time to revert to your pussy ways. You are the one in control, not her. Don't worry about that other dude, it will play out however it plays out. Your main focus should be to smash that pussy.

  12. Hahaha seriously.

    OP: Come on man, either get in or get out. Go to pound down and if she stays awesome, if not move on. Stop letting her play these childish bullshit head games on you
  13. take control of the situation lil homie. you are a prize to be won and you should project that into the situation.

    watch how quickly she changes her mind.
  14. Rofl this sounds so pathetic I'm at a loss for words. Please op stay with her forever. Even when she's getting pounded by every other guy in campus please stick by her side. :)

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  15. ^no i'm not looking to "smash the pussy". I actually really this girl. she is a a really cool chick and I actually really like her.

    she told me she is not ready to date and she likes this other guy but also likes me and she doesn't know what to do.

    she said maybe we should stop talking for a while because she doesn't want to lead me on. but then she also said that would be hard for her because she likes me and again she told me she really liked kissing me and dreamt about it.

    wtf?? this is absolutely confusing. it seems ilke she isn't sure what to do.

  16. yeah that's the thing. she is going to that dudes house tonight. I don't know what will happen there. maybe she'll sleep with him tonight after kissing me and telling me she also likes me.

    but I can tell she is not trying to play games with me after she kissed me she was about to cry cus she says she feels bad about it because she knows I want to date her and she is also interested in this other guy.

  17. So she's keeping you as a back up plan incase it doesn't work out with this other dude. You're feeding her self esteem.
    BUT, at least she is being honest with you. Any pain on your part that should result from this little...thing...you have going on, is pretty much on you. She likes you enough to hug you and to kiss you, enough to leave from hugging and kissing you to go to hang out with this other dude?
    Sounds to me like you're grasping at straws.
    Is she hugging and kissing him, too? Maybe more??
  18. If she wanted to be with you she would be with you. End of story. When you really want someone you don't make excuses like oh I'm confused or I like someone else too. You make it happen. She doesn't want you.

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