I kissed a girl, and I think I liked it.

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by thebigd^, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Wow,
    fuck that
  2. lol.
    i found it pretty funny.
    i like how they got a shopping cart in there house.
    but for a while now i have been wanting to post a video, that just gets every ones attention, you know.
    how on shows like Attack of the show, they show you a really popular youtube video.
  3. It's fuckin sad how many of these there are in the Related Videos section..
  4. um these kids...jesus i know it maye offend people but this is so mondo ghey
  5. Well i read all of the responses to this, then watched it.

    I cracked up just imagining a whole bunch of stoned guys just like WTF? ahha good imagery:p
  6. Thats what makes stupid stuff really funny is when you start imagining what other people would think of it.
  7. I hate that song.

    Stupid weekend lesbians.
  8. I'm so glad I grew up in a decade where shit like this didn't exist or was even thought of. It is funny for like, 30 seconds, but then like someone else here said...

    LOOK HOW MANY OTHERS THERE ARE!!! aacck wtffff
  9. that is funny but disturbing at the same time
  10. I hate that there are soo many lip syncing videos on youtube...
  11. lol!! ...
  12. Yeah... I know I've had more than one of those "Oh my God, lets tie our beaters in a knot and sing like chicks!!!" moments before... Does that make me gay? :p
  13. Yea, that was actually my reaction just now, lol.
  14. ...uh? how the hell has this video gotten so many views? ;/
  15. cuz people like to laugh at tools :p
  16. Hahaha nice :D

    LMAO that was my exact answer to that question! +rep to you
  17. a girl came up and told me "i kissed a girl ....". i had no idea it was song lyrics. i thought she was tryin to make a move or somethin lol

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