I kinda need some help.

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  1. I'm about 3 years in of smoking the nasty way of smoking pot aka poppers, slappys, whatever you want to call them, and now it seems like if i smoke to much or even one i get this mild burst of not being able to get that satisfying breath i normally get. But one thing i should add i didn't notice this till it became really warm outside so i know its got do with the tob but could it also be the heat? idk i might be just over thinking lol, so i bought a vape today for my bud and was just going to use that.. do you think that will help? i have no clue, i've been smoking weed for about 6 years now but i kinda don't wanna stop now you know? it helps with so much shit. PS i dont know if this is were i was suppose to post this or what sorry i'm new! c;
  2. I have the same problem sometimes, it could be if you smoke cigarettes as well or even the amount of mix that you're putting into each joint. I notice that I mostly get it when I've been smoking a lot but if I switch to not using mix for a while it goes away. I don't think it would have much to do with the heat because it's winter where I live and I've had that problem recently
  3. Stop smoking that cancer scruff you'll feel a lot better.
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  4. Well i use to smoke 2 packs a day a couple years ago.. then i got into poppers and thats what slowed my smoking down cause i didn't really feel the urge to smoke you know?
  5. It slowed my smoking down as well so I know the feels
  6. Like much in Life:

    You Control It, Or It CONTROLS You

    so ...this ain't gonna end well

    How's ya tolerance?
  7. buy a shovel
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  8. pretty high with tob.. but if i smoke a straight green bowl its like holly fuck lol..
  9. what why.. lol
  10. Shotgunning tobacco sounds like a smart cancer intake method. Water pipes don't clean because bongs are made for clean green which produces white smoke. If your smoke is literally yellow you are inhaling mustard gas like a Hitler gas chamber.
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  11. i clean my bong always, my smoke is always white.. i never see any yellow
  12. and to add to that i use to do haft and haft and my bowl piece can hold around .5
  13. Poppers, Slappy's? Wtf

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  14. Well i heard it's just a northern canadian thing lol
  15. the way i got hooked boys a while back was i went over to a dudes house i just met (he was a bit older) and he just said he thought it was a waste of weed to smoke without tobacco and at the time were i live aka in the middle of no where it was my only dude to go sesh so i went whenever and i just got hooked cause we would smoke like a ounce and a week sometimes like back then i felt nothing on my lungs and i felt unstoppable, now its cool if you wanna dis i get it its gross as fuck but legit i just need some help, i think i'm just about to quit and then boom its like starting all over again but i need to quit like really bad cause atm sometimes i swear a loung failed cause it takes effort to even take a breath (but only after i smoke a to many)
  16. and when i said my tolerance is higher with tob i mean i can smoke over a g a day but once i go to green i smoke one and i get these hard core head rushs then my loungs are shit for the day and i cant sesh till the next day.. i smoke pretty much 247 with the medical reasons my doc told me about so idk i just dont know what to do .. :c
  17. and when i say green i just mean normal bowl just weed nothing else. sorry might be confusing for people who never heard of this shit lol

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