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I kind of regret ever starting to smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Max69, May 3, 2011.

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    Here's another thing too. Half these people on here are commenting on this saying that you being lazy has nothing to do with Cannabis. (Those people are completly correct) Then you got people on here saying that weed does make you lazy and they are making a shitload of excuses so you dont have to wake and look in the mirror and face the fact that you are a lazy fucking person. Like one member said on this post, people like you are the reason we cant get cannabis legalized. Because people that are assholes like cops and senators and that will ad what your saying to their cancerous propaganda. All because of you blaming weed for your problems when weed has nothing to do with your slothing.

    Listen, Weed will get you high for 3 hours max (depending on how much you smoke). After your high goes away, it no longer impair your mind. Its the same shit with Achocol. (kinda ironic that Achocol you can O.D. on but Weed you cant, but look which one is legal) Anyways, after that time your not intoxicated. At worst you might be alittle tired depending on your tolerance levels. THERE IS NOTHING THAT CANNABIS DOES THAT SAYS YOU MUST BE LAZY AND DO NOTHING. I never even had my brain tell me that even when I was high out of my fucking mind. When I'm high I wanna have fun. I wanna be with my friends, I want to go fishing maybe or, I wanna go to a party, I wanna have sex, I wanna watch TV and play video games, or maybe go somewhere after smoking a bowl and getting buzzed or etc, etc, and et fucking cetra. But never has my brain told me to do nothing except sit there. ( I will admit, I do get the muchies and eat a shitload of food, but that is one of the fun parts! :D)

    This is just you people blaming cannabis for your poor life decisions. Its like people that blame gambling addictions on the casinos or achocol addiction/drunk driving on the bars. Because of people like you weed is still illegal. Your basically giving the people that want it remain illegal more ammunition. You ruin shit for responsible people because you cant handle things that we responsible people can handle. So if you honestly do think that weed is making you lazy (Which weed isnt making you lazy, its you that is lazy) then quit smoking it and giving the rest of us tokers a bad rep. k, thanks.

    PS: Thanks for the likes on my last comment and I hope to get some on this one too. :)
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    Just remember your first experience with weed. Didn't it make you say, "oh wowww I'm noticing so much more shit than when I'm sober. Life is so awesome!"

    Well, since you're either constantly getting high or wanting to get high, you associate weed with life. Therefore your life sucks if you're not high, yet your whole problem comes from the fact that you keep getting high. So the solution is simple. Stop getting high! Who gives a shit if it's hard. What would you rather do, lead a pathetic life governed by weed and self-pity?

    Go on a break, get your shit together, then get back to the weed. Then ask yourself which high you prefer.

    Edit: What you're feeling isn't healthy and you shouldn't blame your problems solely on weed. I don't mean it in the "weed doesn't make you lazy, you're just lazy" way that everyone else has brought up, seeing as how weed definitely is part of the problem, but it seems like you probably have other personal shit going on if you're feeling unmotivated and all that. You should talk with someone or maybe get professional help if it's serious.
  3. To Op: Weed doesn't make you lazy, you're just a lazy person.

    I've always been lazy, sober and high. I've probably become more motivated after picking up the herb though.
  4. Damn y r u even talking about that it's making me second guess smoking weed
  5. when I have weed and nothing to do I smoke it, and if I have money I feel like buying. I don't know if you're the same, but if you are then try spending your money on something else like porn or CDs or whatever.
  6. I didn't have to read any other post on here to come to the conclusion of
    just stop
  7. could also try smoking sativa rather than indica totally different stone i find indica keeps me on the couch and satvia makes me creative and motivated to do things
  8. whenever I'm feel off when sober after smoking weed to often for the past while, a line of yay always sorts me out.

    jks :p

    not rly jking.

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