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I kind of regret ever starting to smoke weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Max69, May 3, 2011.

  1. Users have to learn to control themselves and this seems easier for some than others. I do think I'm one of the others...

    I agree weed does detach you from things like, materialism, stress, pain, anxiety, nausea, remembering what you were going to do next... :)

    This stuff is used as a medicine and should be treated like that. Only problem is some abuse weed like some abuse prescription drugs. I wonder if it will ever get the same status as legal drugs?
  2. now u realized that!?!?
    too late bruh
  3. Stay off the forum too.
  4. Moderation and discipline my friend. My life isnt all rainbows and bunnies, but sometimes I even go into work after smoking and yesterday I just got a raise. My point is you can still be motivated you just need to discipline yourself. Maybe try using the herb as a healing tool instead of just a tool to 'feel high'. There is nothing wrong with feeling high, but see it as a helping tool and use it in moderation. It will change your perspective of cannabis and its usage.

  5. must be a yacht im there 2
  6. #46 circlethedrain, May 4, 2011
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    I regret starting drinking waaaaay more than I could ever regret smoking pot. I've become overly reliant on weed for boredom and sleep. That was my fault. They say you can make and break habits in 21 days (which is debatable and definitely dependent on the person and situation) BUT,the worst thing that might come from taking a month off is some boredom and restlessness and saving a boat load of money.
  7. T-break man. I was feeling like that too and now i'm on a 19 day tolerance break. Hope it helps me ahha.
  8. i dont think weed makes u lazy and drop out, i think there are just people that are lazy to begin with, and they blame weed. i dont smoke weed most of the time because my intentions are to get fucked up, i smoke it to be able to be more insightful when writing papers, to stay awake and pay attention during lectures, to be able to relax, relieve my stress and have a good outlook at life. it has shown me what im doing wrong, and showed me how i need to change myself for the better. dont smoke it for the wrong purposes
  9. What are you. 12? Acting like it's a drug and controls you. Your the reason the shit ant getting legalized
  10. this thread reminds me that i need to take t-breaks. or stop smoking altogether. i do miss the "natural" highs of doing something productive.
  11. Take a big ol' break from weed. Find the real things in life that make you happy. Keep weed as that little special something. For me, I am a competitve horseback rider and that's my other natural high :D
  12. Stop smoking?
  13. This is how I feel about this man. Alot of my buddies that I hang out with and occasionally smoke with will smoke every single fucking day. They crave being high everyday man. Then once you start smoking everyday, its like all you want too do. I'm not saying that people that smoke weed everyday are lazy, but if you like it too much it can take over your life. Like people with TV or computers dude. They start using it everyday and then soon or later, they find themselves seeing that thats all they do. Its not that weed is making you lazy. Its your desire to smoke weed and have a constant high that is making you lazy.

    The solution is simple. This is what I do and always have done. Maybe smoke a feel bowls or a blunt on the weekend. I usually just smoke on either like friday or saturday. Its like this. You worked hard the whole week. Infact you worked your ass off. You derserve a nice blunt to chill you out and get blazed. Thats how you got to think about it. Weed is a good thing, but dont over use it and become obsessed with it.

    Thats my words of advice and I wish the best for you brother. :)
  14. you're lazy, you just happen to smoke pot
    why are you blaming pot?
    i smoke every day i work out, do school work, go to work, skateboard
    pot's not the problem
  15. Agreed man.. Lazy people were lazy before they started smoking.
  16. limit yourself to smoking just once a day. Get high at night and leave it at that. You'll be able to stay on top of shit when you do that.
  17. there's no point in not being lazy...
  18. Ever heard of Netflix? Look into it.
  19. Just be happy you're 18 and not old with real problems
  20. You can stop smoking weed and realize that there's no such thing as a natural high and that sober life is just boring by nature. Once you've seen what the world can be like on a drug you're never going to look at the real world the same way again.

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