I killed a Tarantula in my garage last night.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by meinherzbrennt, May 12, 2010.

  1. Yeah, me and my brother were in the old broken down van in my garage last night, we had just smoked a huge ass blunt too, when I tryed to step down out of the van, I saw a HUGE ass friggin taranula! I started freakin out a little cause i was stoned and my brother is scared shitless of spiders, but I was like HOLY SHIT THERES A FUCKING TARANTULA! I ran inside and got an air rifle and shot that sumbitch 4 times before it died and fed it to the fire ants.. huge spiders and weed dont mix.
  2. Murder!!!!! Murder!!!!! Murder!!!!!
  3. pics or gtfo
  4. lol :hello:
  5. Shoulda captured and keep it as a cool pet
  6. we were stoned as hell we got no good pics we took a crappy video but all you can see is a blurry mass where the spider is.
  7. [​IMG]

    might of looked something like this
  8. :laughing: at this thread
  9. so you disposed of the corpse?
  10. yeah, by morning the ants had taken care of it.
  11. Most spiders I really hate, but tarantulas are actually cool.:cool:

    If you don't freak them out, they will allow you to pick them up.:p
  12. Either that or tear your fucking head right off.
  13. shouldve caught it and let it walk down a street blazed. jk
  14. Poor thing. I like tarantulas. They are fuzzy and harmless.
  15. lol u shoulda brought him in the van and got him baked. one time i got a mouse high and all he did was sit there for 5 hours straight. I like the air rifle idea though :D

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