I killed a mouse with bass

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  1. Setting-Watching tv in the living room... In an old farm house
    The fucker ran across my living room and behind the tv, i grabbed the .177 and figured i would wait for him to come out and then pop em... so i turned on hype... (those of you with direct tv will probably know what it is) the channel that plays all this new shitty "gangsta" rap... but the shit slams so i figured the bassquake would bring him out... the motherfucker never came out... Now its 2 days later, i wake up to the smell of death... first though check behind the tv, the sub REEKED... took it outside opened it up and sure enough there was a little gray mouse layin in the box, blood stains coming from its mouth and ears... i gave it a hemorrhage with bass!:eek:

    i don't know weather to feel bad... OR laugh... :cool:
  2. I would feel bad for a day then I'd b over it.
  3. 1000 Ways to Kill A Mouse?
  4. I'd feel bad about it, but only because I'm a pussy when it comes to animals.

    RIP Little mouse :cry:
  5. I came in to find out if you killed a mouse with a fish or sound waves.. Sound waves is cool but I pictured you running after it with a largemouth bass screaming "I'm gonna get you!"
  6. Sounds like an awesome video....
  7. You should laugh?

    It's another living soul. You shouldnt laugh dude, you should have tried to put it outside. "I was gonna wait 'n pop him." Stop acting like a badass. You aren't.
  8. ...

    That mouse got dropped...
  9. [quote name='"Prism Tino"']You should laugh?

    It's another living soul. You shouldnt laugh dude, you should have tried to put it outside. "I was gonna wait 'n pop him." Stop acting like a badass. You aren't.[/quote]

    Try and put it outside, so he will come back inside in an hour. Yes very humain but simply an inefficient method of pest control.

    "popping" anything with a pelet gun is not "bad ass" and everyone knows, it is just a story lighten up.
  10. Tell that to the mice that fuck each other non stop until they're forced to eat each other for a lack of food.
  11. What a way to die.
  12. That's how I want to go...
  13. Well you were planning on taking it out anyway,
    So I guess its a happy accident.

    If I'd killed it I'd have felt bad. But you did that by accident, probably wouldn't have felt as bad for that.
    Last mouse we had in our place a few years back was caught and released far enough away not to find its way back.

    Also I'd heard that wind turbines kill bats by rupturing the bloody vessels in there lungs etc as they're mammals. I always figured it was anti-turbine nonsense. But I guess that's probably what happened here.
  14. Well fuck...
  15. Whoa o_o that's crazy
  16. Death by bass
  17. well i really do feel bad though it probably climbed in through the port and it got stuck n between the actual sub and the wire/soundboard thing...:( so it got stuck and was forced to be stuck inside a sub box otherwise it could've gotten out... shit i didn't know it went in there in the first place otherwise i would have taken it outside and opened it up i just thought it was in the closet behind my tv and the sound would drive him out...

    as for the pellet gun its break barrel and powerful... I don't want mice in my house.. if i can shoot it once and kill it and all i have to do it patch a tiny spot in my wall i will!!

    mouse traps and poison are way more inhumane :mad:

    anybody want pics? if i can figure out how to transfer them from my phone to computer i will:cool:
  18. Love that King of the Hill quote
    But yeah its gotta be a harsh death... Got the job done though
  19. That's...just....AWESOME!

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