i keep losing things

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by johnnyd, Apr 6, 2004.

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  1. yesterday i lost my pipe that was loaded. now today i lost my 20 sack. what do u peeps think i shoud do about this
  2. Smoke it before ya lose it [​IMG]
  3. i found it, i just had to get high before i went and looked for it. i have to return to the state i was in when i lost it
  4. i say get some cargos with zippers on them... and tie your stach to you finger on a string, then if you drop you can just pull up, grab it, then stick it back in your pocket!
  5. Just place all of your needed things(pot, pipe, lighter) in the same place, man I use to always lose shit like that and have to wait like 5 minutes before I smoke more, no one should go through that.
  6. Accept it you\'re a stoner. LOL
  7. reminds me of my reflexes.. somewhat.. i\'d see a piece of paper begin to slip off of a table and time exactly when to catch it so it looks like i\'m so fast.. then people believe i have fast reflexes.. but sometimes they actually are my reflexes.. why i brought this up i don\'t know.

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