i just wrote another poem its pretty weird

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  1. Time

    time has no meaning
    time means everything

    like a lemon swaying on a string
    mellowing in the golden brown sun
    like a day at the beach

    time is like a circle
    golden and round

    time is ice-creams, sand and broken toes

    marmalade, love and microwaves little people, scare's and fights

    time is mellow loving great
    i see time like heavy weight lite streams dark streams light not weight
    peanuts falling, peanuts wait. i'll try........... wait?

    i'll be right just sit and wait, what this means might come out straight
    but we'll be waiting just fly in NOW!!!

    please comment on this and post your interpretations of it
  2. You're distinguishing between time and timeless is an instant. Beautiful poem. :)
  3. i interpretted this as you mentioning time in a physical sense (round as in a 360 degree clock), and something as golden (time is golden, when spent correctly).

    the physical sense lacks emotion, so i guess you are trying to say that being a slave to the clock makes you....a slave. however, make sure that you spend time so that it is golden, or meaninful, instead of living the life of a robot driven by the hands of a clock.
  4. I appreciate this poem. It's really awesome ;) The lemon swaying on a string gave me a vivid image in my head.

    Peace and love to you my friend

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