-~I Just Won a cool new 18mm troll slide~-

Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by lezblazeit, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. :D i actually won something! i cant believe it! im so excited + my b-day is on the 11th so im so happy!
    i won a 18mm Troll slide. i won it off another site but here are the pics

    i love it already!! i think Tom should be shipping it out tomorrow![​IMG] i cant wait.

    ****Check out my thread for pic updates of the lil guy when i get him:D
  2. thats fuckin dope.
  3. I'm with you
  4. Man i wish i was winnin slides like that!
  5. dope!!!!!!!!!
  6. man you gonna be trollin hard with that thing
  7. no i just happened to be click #420 :hello:

  8. yes but the slide is a troll...
  9. lol i get it now
  10. sick stuff, lez, enjoy it! :wave:
  11. Nice slide, looks real clean. That tom from shivadas?
  12. NO. weedmaps

  13. I'm with you. :smoke:

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