I JUST WON $3000! Wait a minute...

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    Last night I went and bought a scratcher at 7/11. It is California Lottery's "Crossword Tripler". Your 12 letters are the ones you mark on the crossword puzzle. These are the prizes:

    2 words - ticket
    3 words - $4
    4 words - $5
    5 words - $10
    6 words - $20
    7 words - $50
    8 words - $100
    9 words - $1000
    10 words - $20,000

    After I finished scratching I counted 8 words. I thought to myself, holy shit, I just won $100! I wanted to make sure I didn't count wrong, so I wrote the words I had on paper. I counted 9 words, $1000!!!

    But wait... "If a completed word in a winning combination contains a letter within a moneybag (*Apple*) symbol, prize TRIPLES. No fucking way... $3000!

    I don't have a job, lost $100 playing poker at the casino a couple days ago, and I just won $3000!

    There I was stoned like no other, staring at a $3000 scratcher. My brother asked to see it, and I smiled as he looked until he asked, "Where did you get the E?"

    "What do you mean?"

    "There's no E."

    *I re-check ticket*

    And that's when I realized I marked all the E's on the crossword puzzle, when E wasn't one of my letters.

  2. I want that E you got also. num-num-num
  3. dude, lmao, great story.
  4. Heh...funny.

    I've won $100 on a scratcher a couple times. $50 several times. But nothing over $100 on a scratcher. I STILL buy them at least once a week though, I usually buy only one or two, never spending more than $5 at a time. I have this nasty disease where I like to bust open packs of trading cards looking for the "hits" or good cards, it's the same thing with scratchers.

    Those crossword ones are great though, except that I never bother to mark off the words, being an English major and good with words, I just scratch the letters and then figure out how many words I've got.

    I like the bingo ones better, at least those take a couple minutes to do.
  5. i used to work at a gas station and this dude would come in nightly and buy 100 worth of lotto tickets. One time he won 200 bucks on a 5 dollar ticket, along with 50 on a 1 dollar ticket. Since i was the one who sold him the tickets, he gave me 20 bucks.

    That would have to be the only time i've gained from lotto tickets, as i don't play them.

    Great story BTW.
  6. I probably would've been 10x happier not marking the letters on the crossword. I've never seen the bingo one's, but I agree that the crosswords are great because I've had success with them in the past.

    $50 is a lot of money for a scratcher, especially since you only spend $5 a week on them. I basically had piss on my pants for nothing last night.
  7. dinosaur doubler is the way to go.
  8. wow thats heated atleast he pointed it out b4 you went to cash it and felt worst
  9. i think scratchers could be fun.
    maybe i should just go buy some and see if i like any of them!

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