I just won 1,000,000 Euros!!

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  1. (Demi Montend) Confirmation Email Serial N. VVN222-510
    Reference Nr.UN11000, Batch N. A1000, Serial N. VVN222-510
    Ticket N.7710AA, lucky N.
    You have won 1,000.000.00 Euro the in Euromillion Email Sweepstaks Program Corporation, held on the 20th of February 2009.In Brussels Belgium. We write to officially notify you of this award and to advise you to contact the processing office immediately. for the claim.
    contact person:Mr.Eddy Anderson
    TEL: 0032-485-995-113 or 01132-485-995-113
    Reply to Email:eurosmillss@luckymail.com

    Your Full Name & Telephone Number
    Note: all winning must be claim not later than 30 working days

    Mrs. (Demi Montend)

    ha this shits ridiculous
    who would believe that

  2. pssh that's nothin, I've got people in Dubai wanting to give me $42 million from the father's estate :laughing:
  3. Mr. Eddy Anderson. Seems legit to me.
  4. I just literally lol'd.
  5. and funny thing is... i live in the states
    why would i be winning euros? ahha
  6. you had some guy win the lottery and he chose some random dude acroos the world to give it to. it happens all the time didnt you know? i got one, if i didnt lose my letter i would have called and gotten my money. FUCK, can i have yours? :)

    call em and give em fake information :D when they send you a check tell em your name is scratch mcCock
  7. haha
    or Phil McKraken
  8. Thats pretty cool dude
  9. Best part is you can claim it whenever, since we all know nobody works in Belgium.
  10. I don't think it's true i got one saying i won 30,000 dollars and had a check in it for $1,900 I called the people and they told me to cash the check and send the money to them for processing and handling. I was in the post office and then the teller told me not to send the money because some more people came in with the same adresss. Two days later the check bounced ,i took the $1,900 back and they closed my bank account.
  11. I won the sweepstakes too. I'm so fucking happy right now!! yeah. ahhaha yeah!!!!! All they needed was my ss# and my bank account number. They said they would be depositing it into my account in a couple of days.
  12. Don't be a pussy that seems legit !

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