I just woke up from a nap filled with insane nightmares [Share your weird dreams]

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  1. I had a dream that I woke up from my nap today and my room had nothing in it except for more aquariums (which I liked. I have an obsession for aquariums) but my mom was stupid and remade my freshwater aquarium into a saltwater aquarium and I got really pissed. And there was this weird purple and grey turtle creature inside it. Also, some of the fish werent in water at all, they were floating around the room as they would in water, and there was a tiny chameleon on my pillow and it was really scary. So I went out of my room and it didnt look like my house at all. and there were people there that I hadnt seen in years....

    I think Ill stop there, I dont want to bore you guys too badly
  2. Wow dude!

    Thanks for sharing... totally thread-worthy.
  3. quoted for truth
  4. thats nothin, I got a million dreams I could write about. maybe I should start a dream blog
  5. I don't know if it's THAT weird but I don't remember my dreams, except for bad dreams. And all of my bad dreams are about something that I know is about to happen.

    For example, when I was scheduled to have an MRI, I dreamt about feeling smothered in a crowd two days before I had the scan. Pretty weird I think.
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    This is incredible fucked, so if you're an animal lover, i suggest you dont read this.

    I woke up crying my ass off from this dream. I love my dog to death and id do soo much for him. Hes a boxer, and his personality is one of a kind.

    My dream is in code.

    I had a dream, and it was really fucked. I was downstairs, and 
    i was making a plan to burn someone alive in my bathroom upstairs. 
    So i invited the person over, knocked them out, cured them with 
    gasoline and oil and those BBQ flame juice things, and threw them 
    in there. It was smoking from the bathroom like crazy, and it was 
    black thick smoke. I started to cry at this point, knowing i fucked 
    up. So feeling mercy, i open the door, to see my dog run out at me. 
    I look at him, and his left paw was melted off, and he had cuts and 
    major burns everywhere. I got on my knees infront of him, and began 
    to cry. I opened my eyes, looked him in the face, and he just started 
    licking me to death. He was so happy just to be there and to see me 
    Im getting teary eyed as i write this, cause the images are coming back.
    And then i woke up, and i noticed i was balling my eyes out. I was crying 
    like a little girl. I ran downstairs and i found my dog, and i gave him the 
    biggest fucking hug i could without killing him. I picked his heavy ass up, 
    plopped him onto my chest, and ran upstairs with him, and we just fell 
    asleep together. I woke up at 7:00 am, and my dog was there looking at 
    me. I saw him and he came up and licked my face, and i gave him another 
    big hug.
    That was probably my worst dream i have had in my life so far. Sorry for the long read.

    Dont say im inhumane, it was a dream. I also warned you before reading.

    Sorry about the dream if it made you feel bad, just imagine what i went through.
  7. i cant remember my dreams, but thats a good thing, since i think my last one was about my parents, my brother and my best friend in a car together commiting a murder suicide..

    well, yeah, i guess you can say i dont sleep well.
  8. I haven't blazed in a couple of days and last night I had some weird fucking dreams.

    Like in one dream I was at a local museum with my gf's grandmother (WTF?) and there was this scene kid in front of us who had that dumbass haircut and he kept turning around and looking at me and her.

    So I said "what the fuck are you looking at bro? you gotta problem?" then he replies "what the fuck is your problem?! that shit right there got me heated, cussing in front of my girls' g-ma (even though I was the initial culprit).

    So I tried to cold-clock his ass, but security interevened and split us up giving us a private tour, mainly consoling me and trying to calm me down ahahaha. Woke up and said "what the hell?" to myself...

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