I just wanted to brag..

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Motocole85, Aug 27, 2019.

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  1. I believe you have a bit of bragging room with that.........fkin nice bro!:thumbsup: . :passing-joint:
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  2. Hell yea dude, I'm mega stoked on it! I'll be finishing these girls with it. They are day 42 flower. So a little over half way I imagine.
    Attach01(47).jpg Attach01(51).jpg Attach01(40).jpg Attach01(50).jpg Attach01(49).jpg Attach01(38).jpg Attach01(48).jpg Attach01(37).jpg Attach01(44).jpg Attach01(43).jpg Attach01(42).jpg Attach01(41).jpg Attach01(46).jpg Attach01(45).jpg

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  3. SICK light, HEALTHY plants

    good work!
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  4. Damn man thing are looking NICE! I'm just starting to get light envy, and think I might need to splurge around the holidays for a big mack daddy. Cheers on the new equipment
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  5. Hell yeah bro....halfway looks about right.......man are those girls gonna looove you........you full blasting it off the rip?
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  6. Couldn't have said it better myself!
  7. Ya I'm going full on with it. Not bsing around! Full power starting at 1am when lights come on!
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  8. Do you guys think I can hit 4 ounces per plant? I'm sure hoping so!
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  9. 4 oz would be NICE! It's surely possible.....I would probably say a solid 3 for sure....with that light though....might gets POUNDS!! :rave-girl::D:passtheshit:
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  10. I'll be following along, you got yourself a new fan!
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  11. Heres the journal
    MotoCole's May Madness

    My original goal was 1gpw, but I had to flower early due to some dumb shit.

    Thanks for the compliments dudesA
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  12. God damn it felt amazing to RIP that 1000w hps out and remove all the hurricane fans I needed to cool it. Ahhh such a good feeling. Well worth the $!

    4 zips per plant is my goal now for this run
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  13. Here's a plant around the size of yours that gave 4 ounces you can check it out for a reference.
    It's going to come down to genetics I believe. Your plants look healthy and you got the light intensity so that leaves genetics.
    Also on the light I recommend getting a lux meter to set your light levels. These lights are very intense and can easily damage a plant.
    Congratulations and good luck.
    I usually doubt my grows around this stage also. lol

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    ya i can believe it. These lights are fuckin insanely bright. I was looking at it the light when I first assembled it and plugged it in for the first time on accident and it literally blinded me and burned the led pattern into my eyeballs for a good 3 minutes lol. I have the light 33 inches above canopy. Kingbrite says for 0.8 - 1.0 meters. So I'm within that range.

    Man that plant looks super fat though!!! Lol I hope I can get there. I just hope the temps stay under 79.. if I have to rewire and extend the driver outside the tent I will.

    My genetics are
    Blueberry, jack herrer, and girlscout crack

    20190827_023300.jpg 20190827_023246.jpg
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  15. Anyone wanna chime in in the 2 middle girls looking light colored ? Hungry? Genetics?
  16. Here's some good news about your temps I run my grow at 81° ambient air temperature to achieve a Leaf surface temperature of 75° which is thought to be the optimal temperature for the plant itself . I know guys running 84°-86° ambient with these leds.
    Here's an article that explains in depth


    This paper demonstrates that plants grown under an optimized spectrum as provided by LED grow lights may require warmer ambient air temperatures than identical plants grown under other lighting to achieve their full potential.

    LED Grow Lights | Growing Kits & Indoor Commercial Grow Lights
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  17. Zoom in on my temp gauge 20190521_062135.jpg
  18. Good to know. The light has been on for 5 hours and its hovering around 81-82 degrees, at roughly 31 inches away from the canopy.

    But I also have the driver mounted to the light so I think once I put that externally it will reduce temps 1 or 2 degrees. But honestly the leds are hotter than the driver. So not sure if it will even help enough to make it worth the effort of putting the driver outside the tent.
  19. Do you rotate your plant's positions?? Could have something to do with the fact that THEY are the "center" of the light......might be getting "the most" light....................affecting them like that........just a thought

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